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Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 19:47
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
I am considering starting a Superhero game but I have several systems to choose from.

The setting will be pretty much the world as we know it. But then we are bombarded by an energy wave which triggers super abilities in a small percentage of the population. The game will begin at the time of this event at which time the characters will discover that they have powers.

I am looking for a good mix of action, roleplaying, drama and intrigue.

At this time I am leaning towards trying Icons, but I am also considering Supers RED, Triumphant, Daring Heroes, Masks or even classic Marvel. I feel MnM and Champions are too 'crunchy' and prefer something lighter yet keeping enough flavour and details to make combat fun. Which system do you recommend and why?
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Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 20:11
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
Sentinel Comics and ICONS would be my chief picks for system, with Aberrant getting an honorable mention for its terrific setting. Sentinel Comics streamlines combat immensely while managing to keep it packed with flavor. ICONS combines the best aspects of FATE and classic Marvel Super Heroes. Aberrant has the best take on how a modern supers setting might realistically evolve.
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Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 21:48
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
Having played Sentinels Comics a bit, I can agree that it works great for combat, but if you want to mix other story elements and include mechanics in it, I can't recommend SCRPG - it is very loosely put together in every way except combat mechanics.
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Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 22:21
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
If superheroes are a new thing, then Masks is the wrong system - it's a very specific kind of supers game. I'd go with Aberrant, Supers RED or FATE Accelerated.
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Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 22:25
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
I don't have any experience, but I've been reading Supers RED as a system for my dieselpunk supers game, and I think it's pretty good for a light system.

My only fear is that in combat, the players need a level of interactiveness that might be hard to coordinate on pbp.  For all it's crunchiness, at least the Defenses are set numbers that don't require decision making on the player's part
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Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 22:49
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
OK. I am taking a closer look at Icons and Supers! RED.

I am not entire sure on Icons pyramid checks and aspects. SUPERS! seems a bit more intuitive, but would there be enough people interested in SUPERS! RED for the game?
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Fri 2 Jul 2021
at 00:32
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
I'd recommend the old DC Heroes system from Mayfair games.  The system is really streamlined and intuitive, combat is quick and clear with enough tricks to keep the more tactically minded players intrigued but not overly crunchy and the level is scalable from street level to cosmic without much fuss.

I think it was reprinted as Blood of Heroes without the DC branding and should be pretty cheap to pick up.

Aberrant is a great setting but the system is pretty crunchy.  I don't think I've seen a game of Aberrant on here survive thru character creation...
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Fri 2 Jul 2021
at 00:46
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
I'm old school so I really like the original Marvel Super Heroes game. Simple and easy. The Ultimate powers Book, recompiled by Zan, is still out there as a download and has a really good supply of abilities for both amateur and veteran players alike. I know people who still use that book for inspiration for other systems.
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Fri 2 Jul 2021
at 08:41
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
Have you considered Wild Talents? Published by Arc Dream Publishing. It's powered by the same game engine as Godlike, a WW2 superhero game.

It's pretty flexible and you can adapt it to your own setting.
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Fri 2 Jul 2021
at 08:48
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
Also consider Marvel Heroic RPG, based on the Cortex engine.  It's pretty rules-light
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Sat 3 Jul 2021
at 16:19
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
In reply to Vigo (msg # 10):

Is Cortex the system that the old Firefly rpg was based on?  Because if so, that system was pretty awful, IMO
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Sun 4 Jul 2021
at 00:30
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
It depends on what you are looking for in a superhero game.

The best is probably Hero System, however it is also the most complex to make characters. Most of the rules are actually devoted to how to create powers etc. (Also known as Champions).

If you like random hero generation and can find it the old Marvel RPG by TSR was a good game. However you can end up with characters varying widely in power levels. Think the Avengers where you have people like Thor and Hulk with people like Hawkeye and Black Widow. So it can be a challenge to keep everyone entertained.

Those are probably the two I've liked best over the years.
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Tue 6 Jul 2021
at 23:14
[IC] Suggest a Superhero system
There are also point buy methods of creating supers in MSH FASERIP. Another great thing is the sheer amount of material available for it.