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Tue 3 Aug 2021
at 13:59
IC: Infinity the rpg.
Would anyone be interested in playing the Infinity rpg. I would like to run a wilderness of mirrors type game. Depending on the characters the game will swing from investigation and special operations to spying and full on assaults. While there may be an overarching plot based on things that happen in game generally it will be issue of the day style with most missions being unrelated unless a good hook presents itself. (Like a terrorist/spy/thief escaping or something similar)

The players would be members of the Bureau Noir and be from different factions. We will be using the point buy optional rule. Mainly because people normally enter a game with a character idea and rolling a completely random character can cause people to have to play something they aren't interested in playing and then they aren't having fun. If you want to use the life path as written feel free to.

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Tue 3 Aug 2021
at 19:55
IC: Infinity the rpg.
would like to give it a go count me interested new to the system though