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Fri 6 Aug 2021
at 01:48
IC: Avatar Legends playtest...
Iím reading through the free quickstart and wondering if there are enough other people here with access and interest to give a playtest a shot. The rules are new and itís a free quickstart, not the full game, so everyone having access to the PDF would be an exceptionally low bar for entry. It is a Powered by the Apocalypse game, so if youíre familiar with how those run, great.

The idea is simple. Everyone would make characters and we'd test the system. Iím thinking the Hundred Year War Era so thereís no pesky Avatar to deal with and thereís in-built drama and tension. Obviously this is a thin setup thatís mostly an excuse to test all the systems and subsystems.

This would be a playtest, not a full campaign. If enough people like the system and we keep it going until the full release, we can talk about continuing.

Would anyone be interested?
Rogue Leader
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 Standing by.
Fri 6 Aug 2021
at 13:31
IC: Avatar Legends playtest...
Yes please!
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Sat 7 Aug 2021
at 00:13
IC: Avatar Legends playtest...
I'd be up for trying! I'm not super familiar with pBtA, but I know the basics.
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Sat 7 Aug 2021
at 06:39
IC: Avatar Legends playtest...
I would also be up for giving it a try!
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 I'm sorry,
Sat 7 Aug 2021
at 22:07
IC: Avatar Legends playtest...
Would also be interested if we're making the characters as a group so we get a good, natural group.
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Sat 7 Aug 2021
at 22:12
IC: Avatar Legends playtest...
I...have never played any PbtA games. I recently read through the Avatar quick start, though.
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Mon 9 Aug 2021
at 17:35
IC: Avatar Legends playtest... 4 million dollars already and still climbing on the Kickstarter. That's insane.