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Thu 19 Aug 2021
at 19:38
Traveller Space Western
I've had the idea of a Traveller (specifically Mongoose 2E) space western game pinging around in my noggin for quite a while now, and this thread is partially to hold myself accountable and to gather a bit of information.

Essentially, I'm just swapping out the Third Imperium and the related setting assumptions for something with a bit more steel guitar. My primary influences would be Firefly/Serenity (of course), the Starcraft games, and the Rebel Galaxy games.

This would be a traditional Traveller sandbox, and use the standard character generation system. So, what would you like to see in such a game, and what direction might you want it to go in?
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Thu 19 Aug 2021
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Traveller Space Western
  • A whole planet with one city around the spaceport and another a continent away on the opposite shore.  In between are expanses of unexplored wilderness, Two huge rivers, one with great lakes and the other stretching half a continent into a swampy delta and with at least one tributary arising in mountains close to the opposite mountains to the spaceport.
  • Multiple primitive tribes of humans who have been on this planet for millennia and who have forgotten their origins, they could be leftovers from the collapse of previous empires or from worlds being seeded by forerunner species.
  • A town in the middle of the continent being set up around a newly discovered resource.  The town is lawless and prone to violence with gunplay being common.

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Fri 20 Aug 2021
at 11:25
Traveller Space Western
Alternativelly, if you also want a spaceship component on it, it could be a undeveloped subsector (e.g. after the Long Night) with 2-3 systems being developed by a larger Entity (Megacorp, expanding 3I, whatever you want) and a dedicated group or "Space Rangers" (probably from IISS Opperations Branch, in 3I, or equivalent to your tastes) in small ships trying to keep the spacelines open against lawless.

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Fri 20 Aug 2021
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Traveller Space Western
In reply to NowhereMan (msg # 1):

I'd be interested in giving it a shot.