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Sat 28 Aug 2021
at 21:09
IC The Quiet Year
This splendid game got some air-time on 'The Adventure Zone' podcast, prior to their new Ethersea arc. They used it to create the settlement that became the campaign setting. I thought I might try to find some people interested trying something similar.

I was thinking of starting with a post-apocalyptic scorched earth type of world, and seeing what evolved from that. Would anyone be interested in playing 'Quiet Year' with me?
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Sat 28 Aug 2021
at 22:03
IC The Quiet Year
Never played but it sounds fun.
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Sun 29 Aug 2021
at 00:09
IC The Quiet Year
I've been thinking about picking it up... not exactly the game my group tends to play (we only play boardgames anymore), but you never know till you try it.

So hell yeah I'd like to play.
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Sun 29 Aug 2021
at 09:00
IC The Quiet Year
This sounds very interesting, I'd love to try it out!