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Thu 2 Sep 2021
at 10:31
IC: D&D 3.5 Dark Alliance 1 & 2 close parallel
With the tepid reception of the supposed Dark Alliance III, being largely irreverent of its namesake, I very eagerly wish to dive into some of my favorite PS2 action games, from the Forgotten Realms.

I'd be largely repurposing, but maintaining the plot line and zones of the games, with some short offshoots to explore.

I don't want to use Incarnum, or Tome of of Battle, but almost anything else is fine. Spells and powers will be as per books; not limited to the VGs.

I'd want to improve upon the story after the second game's end, but I know we may not make it that far.

What would be a good starting level; knowing that there will be two groups playing; the first having a foregone imprisonment ending, and the second eventually having them (rather than finding their corpse). This would allow us to do both parallel at once, or consecutively. The third installment (if we get there) could follow either character of a given player.

With some stat retooling, fleshing out locations, NPCs and personal "level up" quests to be PC driven; would anyone be interested?

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