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Sun 12 Sep 2021
at 03:19
Womenís Murder Club IC
Iím a huge fan of author James Patterson and his Womenís Murder Club series has knocked my socks right off with every installment. The last couple of books have been quite of a let down, so it came to my attention that perhaps I could run a game of similar interests. If youíre not familiar with Jamesí WMC series, itís pretty good. Detective Lindsey Boxer of the SFPD solving crime.

Iíd likely run this free-form, with the player size from 4 to 6, taking place maybe 25 years since her retirement. Fabulous friends of Lindsey are Claire, the Chief Medical Examiner, Cindy Thomas, journalist of the press, and Yuki Castellano, Assistant District Attorney.

This would be an alternate timeline of the future where all characters from the book are either deceased and/or retired and will continue with all their children forming a new murder club and solving murder mysteries together.

Just checking for an IC. Thanks!