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Sun 19 Sep 2021
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[IC] Reverse-Traversal D&D 5e (Modified & Adult)
This game is basically an experimental build, only a few players will be in this game. You will all work as a team, but of-course you'll start separately. Its a short campaign so when everything is said and done, if I work out all the bugs and unbalances in this new system, I'll make a larger game. So normally this game will be looking for only a handful.

There is no pre-game character creation. You make your character as you roleplay in the game. Basically, your PC dies and meets up with an 'accountant' this so called Godly being will give you a chance to be reborn on another world and you may discuss and haggle your stats within the confines of the RP. This is where you actually create your character then.

This adventure is intended to be non-linear. Particularly in its early stages, the PCs should be able to explore and interact with the setting and the characters within it as they see fit. Gradually, the PCs will gain the knowledge they need to uncover what this new world they are sent has to offer how they can apply their modern 'minds' and memories into this new world. As that progresses, so does the source of the evils befalling the region. At that point itís up to them whether they rise as champions or allow evil to sweep unopposed across the realm.

Keep in mind players get to be reincarnated within the new world as a different race or individual, you'll be reincarnated as a level 10 character with an established past life. So meaning, when your mortal human character dies in the modern world and gets teleported into the new world, your soul will inhabit an already established 'person' or npc. So your character will have acquaintances, histories, family members and all sorts of established history that you, the person that get transported into their world won't know about. In short, you just basically took out whatever soul or person was occupying the body and replaced it with your own. So you only have your memories but you won't have the memories of the body/person you are currently inhabiting. Do not misunderstand, yes you will still create your character and discuss it in game with a God/Accountant, but the god won't make a person a new person from scratch, they'll just shove you inside an already adult person that is almost as close as what you haggled and desired during your 'character' negoatiation.

Game might have adult themes and situations so it would be safe to label it as such as to avoid complications.

If anyone is interested in this concept, then give me a reply here :D

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Sun 19 Sep 2021
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[IC] Reverse-Traversal D&D 5e (Modified & Adult)

Seems like a neat idea, almost like those 'you fell into the RPG' type stories where normal folks end up 'becoming' their characters.

When you say modified, are you referring just to the roleplayed nature of the CharGen, or did you have further rule modifications in mind?

When the new PC is haggled out IC ... will you be building them or will the players?

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Mon 20 Sep 2021
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[IC] Reverse-Traversal D&D 5e (Modified & Adult)
Conceptually it sounds like an interesting and novel mix of a few different ideas.

A little bit Quantum Leap, a little bit like the Suzerain RPG (at least what I remember of the first edition), certainly a few more I'm not remembering.

I'm a fan of trying out non-standard methods of character generation so I would be interested in seeing how this would work out.
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Wed 22 Sep 2021
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[IC] Reverse-Traversal D&D 5e (Modified & Adult)
So it's like a D&D isekai, but replacing existing characters in the new universe? Sounds interesting, I'd give it a look. I'd like to see the particulars of your approach before I decide whether I'd join for sure.
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Thu 23 Sep 2021
at 20:01
[IC] Reverse-Traversal D&D 5e (Modified & Adult)
I would like to express my interest in this idea.
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Sun 31 Oct 2021
at 23:10
[IC] Reverse-Traversal D&D 5e (Modified & Adult)
I'd 100% be keen on this idea.