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Wed 29 Sep 2021
at 22:55
IC: Solo Games
I'd like to run one or two fast paced solo games. I have a penchant for running unconventional fantasy, science fiction, or superhero games with a heavy focus on writing.

I prefer to look for games with interesting ideas rather than a particular system. I find I can adapt whatever system I need to whatever game I want to run.

Still, here are some of the systems I've run in the past:

  • Fate Accelerated, i.e. the best system of all time
  • Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (homebrewed)
  • Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition (homebrewed)

Outside of these systems, I don't have much interest, so asking for something else will probably not be a very fruitful conversation. :)

I should note that I've mostly used my homebrewed version of D&D to run class-less urban fantasy games. As I said, I prefer to adapt systems to whatever genre or game idea I'm trying to explore.
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Wed 29 Sep 2021
at 23:21
IC: Solo Games
And I would like to play in a solo supers game (or possibly sci-fi) with a heavy focus on writing!  I currently have a couple of ideas for supers characters that are in need of a home.

I've played M&M 3e, though it's been a while, and I'm also familiar with D&D 5e.  Sorry, I don't know Fate Accelerated, but I'm always willing to learn a new system if you're willing to do a little teaching.  :)
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Thu 30 Sep 2021
at 00:59
IC: Solo Games
I know how to play Fate: Accelerated and DND 5th edition, and I'm certainly interested in fantasy and sci-fi.  Superheroes isn't bad either as long as the setting is interesting--I'm not a big fan of long build up periods before any neat stuff happens.
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Fri 1 Oct 2021
at 04:41
IC: Solo Games
I'm familiar with D&D 5e personally. Never played M&M 3e, I stuck to 2e.
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Fri 1 Oct 2021
at 16:08
IC: Solo Games
I'd be thrilled for a chance to do something solo in fate accelerated. Most of my experience is with other versions, but accelerated definitely works better for a solo game.

I'm keen on a few different things right now from something in the exalted setting to modern, street level heroes. Perhaps a story about a young protege training under their mentor and trying to strike out on their own?

Alternatively, I'd also like to explore something in the star wars setting. Perhaps asking the same lines with a young force sensitive learning under a mentor in a dangerous and unstable galaxy....
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Wed 6 Oct 2021
at 21:51
IC: Solo Games
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