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Fri 1 Oct 2021
at 13:01
IC: Adventuring High School
This game would be inspired by the Fantasy High campaign on Dimension 20 as well as other school stories like Suzumiya Haruhi, Final Fantasy VIII, and such. It would be a sandboxy, slice of life game about students at an adventuring academy in a Tolkien-esque fantasy world, except for a little isolated corner of the world that seems to function like an 80s John Hughes film.

Despite the relatively mundane environs, the players are learning to be adventurers, capable of defeating entire armies on their own, whether through blade or spell or roguish luck. Depending on the number of players that sign up, it could also function as a West Marches-style game, though that's perhaps a bit too ambitious. But they'd also be dealing with the same sort of things students in high school deal with, like cliques, homework, and stuff like that.

The system I would be using would be my own homebrewed version of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.
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Thu 7 Oct 2021
at 16:05
IC: Adventuring High School
I'd be interested in participating in something like this.