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Wed 13 Oct 2021
at 19:22
IC: Rippers Resurrected
Would anyone be up for a run of Rippers. You would not start out as rippers but rather more like a coming of age story which would develop you into Rippers. Which would be quick. I am thinking a few scenes before allowing full characters.

Here's the bases of how it would start:


You awake, drowsy and in complete darkness. Your senses fail you as your head swims in blurred vision. In the darkness you can only make out fragments of things like a small window and in the distance a radio plays Dean Martin.

“My head keeps spinnin'
I go to sleep and keep grinnin'
If this is just the beginnin'
My life is gonna be beautiful”

Close to your location, you can make out others who are chained to somewhere up above. You tug on the chains which make a rattling sound, but a voice comes from the darkness.

“Stop. He will hear you.”

You feel the slightest twinge of pain trying to remember what has happened to you. Darkness floods your memories and you can’t recall anything.

Like the fella once said
"Ain't that a kick in the head?"

As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you look at your arms and legs. Marks, some new and some old, that litter your limbs like paths. The sound of the radio seems to shift as the pain comes back to your head.

Then you are shocked back to reality as you hear a door open upstairs. The creak of the door gives way to an eerie sound of silence. A tiny amount of light gives way to the sound of someone coming down the stairs.

The other captives slink back into the darkness's of their holes as the figure reaches the bottom of the stairs. Even with all the light, you can’t make out his face, but you can see his fingers, which are longer than usual.
He walks over to you and looks down at you from the darkness. All you see are two hot white shiny eyes staring into your soul. His fingers reach for you in the darkness and for a split second you see his old winkle fingers and at the end are sharp nails that are crusted with some dark substance.

Like the sailor said, quote
"Ain't that a hole in a boat?"

The man drags your body closer and then with a quickness; you feel sharp nettles in your arm. Your vision goes blurry and somewhere in the background you hear the end of the song conclude.

I couldn't feel any better or I'd be sick
Tell me quick, oh, ain't love a kick?
Tell me quick, ain't love a kick in the head?

Blackness takes over and you feel yourself fading before the pain stops.

“See you tomorrow snack.”
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Wed 13 Oct 2021
at 22:53
IC: Rippers Resurrected
Are you thinking of a 1950/60s setting? That could be cool, not much is set then.
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Thu 14 Oct 2021
at 17:52
IC: Rippers Resurrected
I'd be interested in a rippers game