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Tue 14 Dec 2021
at 14:29
Dark Sun 2 Edition
Any interest in this?
 member, 31 posts
Wed 15 Dec 2021
at 14:07
Dark Sun 2 Edition
Well, I DO have all of the 2nd edition Dark Sun books just gathering dust on my bookshelf...
 member, 1127 posts
Thu 16 Dec 2021
at 04:44
Dark Sun 2 Edition
I'm always up for 2nd edition, but I don't have the Dark Sun books - though I did play briefly way back in the mid-90s; but the game crashed and burned pretty fast.
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Thu 16 Dec 2021
at 22:43
Dark Sun 2 Edition
In reply to zagygthemad (msg # 1):

I'm new to the board, looking for a game to join. I would definitely be interested. I love the Dark Sun setting, but don't have any of the books.
Bane Root
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Fri 17 Dec 2021
at 22:09
Dark Sun 2 Edition
Id be down. What sort of posting rate are you looking for?
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Fri 17 Dec 2021
at 22:14
Dark Sun 2 Edition
I would be too. I played a lot of first edition. Don't have any second edition books, but I hope that won't get in the way
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Sat 18 Dec 2021
at 14:28
Dark Sun 2 Edition
In reply to Siran (msg # 6):

I'll look at setting it up in the next couple of weeks, right after Christmas then, give it a shot, I have everything but am not real familiar with it.