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Mon 19 Dec 2022
at 03:30
Interest check: Superheroes Champions teen mentalist game
I have an idea for a campaign I would run. I have only been thinking about it for a month. I am not ready to run it, let alone advertise it and recruit players. I don't yet have all the books I would need to run it -- I don't know if the campaign would happen. I haven't even written out all the campaign history and the non-player characters that would have to be in place for the game to start. I just want to know if there would be enough interest to justify going further.

The campaign would be a superheroes game using the Champions / Hero system. What edition? I don't care. Anything from third to sixth edition might work -- I might talk about that with potential players. But definitely it would be a Hero system. I know how I want mental powers to work, and there is one game system that gives me what I want.

All the player characters would have turned fourteen just before the start of play, which would be during the events of the first X-Men movie in 2000. That gives you a baseline for how the world works. That means no magic, normal year 2000 technology (except for specialized exotic technology always related to mutants), a Planet Earth setting, and a history based on the confusing timelines of the X-Men movies so far, meaning that until the player characters every superhero or supervillain has been a mutant.

In this world, the player character heroes would discover their powers, all on one terrible day, and the campaign would begin. The player character heroes would be far from the top of the food chain in terms of raw power, but they would be something utterly new and unexpected.

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Mon 19 Dec 2022
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Interest check: Superheroes Champions teen mentalist game
Sure.  Been a while since I've played Champs.
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Thu 12 Jan 2023
at 01:50
Interest check: Superheroes Champions teen mentalist game
In reply to Z-master (msg # 1):

I think the mentalist trope is a great trope. Unfortunately I would have to learn all the rules from the ground up.  If you decide to develop this, please post about it, and thus I will have a reminder to start reading the rule books.
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Thu 12 Jan 2023
at 02:29
Interest check: Superheroes Champions teen mentalist game
It's always interesting for me to read the game proposals on here, because all I've ever played is 1e AD&D. So I don't know what a "superheroes" game is, or a "champions" game, or a "teen" game, or a "mentalist" game, much less a "superhero champions teen mentalist" game! :)

One of these days I might have to dive into a popular game that I've never played, as a total newbie, just to get a glimpse of what else is going on in the great wide world of RPG.