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Sat 7 Jan 2023
at 00:10
Heroes from another world
While the idea of someone from our world ending up a hero in a fantasy world; I'm wondering if anyone's done the reverse.   Having a group of adventurers from another world ending up in ours.
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Sat 7 Jan 2023
at 04:25
Heroes from another world
In reply to Hunter (msg # 1):

Seen it several times. Also, some good manga and a few novels using it as a basis.
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Sun 8 Jan 2023
at 20:55
Heroes from another world
In reply to Hunter (msg # 1):

The example I remember best was a campaign that began in a zombie-overrun future, followed by time travel to our world, with the idea that the heroes of the future would have a common goal in preventing the rise of zombie world.

The campaign failed for reasons having nothing to do with the basic idea, which was good and which was engaging the players emotionally.