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Sat 21 Jan 2023
at 08:58
D&D 5e getting no love
Searching for active games using D&D 5e only brings up 13 results. Why no love for 5e?

Was thinking of dipping my toe back into the RPoL water with a game but it doesn't look like there is much demand. Anyone got any theories as to why the biggest RPG out there is so underrepresented here?
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Sat 21 Jan 2023
at 09:22
D&D 5e getting no love
In reply to Vinny (msg # 1):

I think the search function is maybe lying to you a bit (it can be a bit fiddly). I count more than that on the first handful of pages in the "Wanted - Players" forum.

I also notice that 5e-related interest checks usually get a lot of responses pretty quickly. I wouldn't worry about a 5e game not filling up.