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Tue 24 Jan 2023
at 21:43
IC: Savage Pathfinder playtest...
I'm hoping to run a playtest of Savage Pathfinder.

If you're not familiar, it's the Pathfinder setting of Golarion converted to the Savage Worlds system. Golarion is a kind of kitchen-sink high-fantasy setting. Savage Worlds is a light-to-medium crunch system that focuses on pulpy action-adventure. That is to say: many of the same fantasy tropes you're probably used to, with more swashbuckling and derring-do, but with less paperwork.

Whatever your familiarity with Savage Worlds or Golarion, you're welcome to play.

To get right to the action we would be using pre-generated characters.

As this is a playtest we'd be largely focused on getting familiar with the mechanics, kicking the tires of the subsystems, and seeing what the game can do.

I expect we can work through the basics of the system and most of the subsystems in 2-3 months real time.

There's no guarantee of a campaign after the playtest.

Would there be any interest?
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 00:49
IC: Savage Pathfinder playtest...

I've never played Savage Worlds, although I own a few pdfs. I have played Pathfinder though, and enjoyed it. I've heard that the SW system allows for better storytelling -- might be true, might not -- and would like to find out how it works.
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 10:46
IC: Savage Pathfinder playtest...
I love Savage Worlds as a system, but not tried it with Pathfinder.

I know it tweaks some things, mainly class edges and magic.

Are you thinking small scenes for trying combat and non-combat situations, such as DRamatic Tasks? Rather than a full blown campaign?
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 11:43
IC: Savage Pathfinder playtest...
Please count me in I've been bumping a request for a Gm in that thread for months now with no response so if you were to set one up I would bite your hand off to join it :)
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 14:42
IC: Savage Pathfinder playtest...
In reply to Nu_Fenix (msg # 3):

My thought was to try to string things together in some kind of narrative thread rather than disconnected scenes. Thereís also a short, 32-page module I could run, but I havenít read that yet. Might need to add stuff to hit the subsystems I want to check out.

Either way, threeís enough to kick the tires, so letís play.

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