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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 17:53
IC: Star Wars - TIE pilots
OK - Interest Check:

TIE Pilots, Pre-Yavin, I'm thinking as complement of Marauder-class Corvette, or something similar - or maybe even a small starbase out on the fringes somewhere.  Star Wars Revised Core edition, which is pretty common, easy to find, and has simple character generators.  Because of the non-choice posting, I would consider non-male and non-human (gasp) PC's - - but that is part of what I want to IC on - would that be too outside canon?

It's important to me (and so to this IC) that PC's be able to interact aboard the vessel/starbase as well.  I don't want to run an all-battle all-the-time game.

Old-School canon - no jedi, hyperspace takes a long time, etc.

Yes, you're the 'bad' guys, but your motivations should be something other than sociopath.  PG-13 game.

If I have four, or three that are very interested in this, I'll start.

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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 18:02
IC: Star Wars - TIE pilots
One hundred percent yes. I may need help with Saga - I'm not even sure I have the books (and while I'm willing to buy, I definitely wont have time to read), but I love the concept.

As far as your question, I don't care much. I find it difficult to believe the TIE Fighter can fit anything too inhuman, but a near-human? I could totally see the Empire making use of them in some backwater where they won't be too much of an embarrassment. (A Talz in a stormtrooper uniform, though? That's a bit far for me, at least pre-Endor).
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 18:05
IC: Star Wars - TIE pilots
Man, you pitch some great concepts!

Mark me down for this one too please.
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 21:02
IC: Star Wars - TIE pilots
I am interested.
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 21:38
IC: Star Wars - TIE pilots
I'd have to sit down and read the sourcebook (so I'd be rules wobbly at first) but I'd for sure be in!
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 23:03
IC: Star Wars - TIE pilots
Game is up.  You four will have an added advantage.

Link to: The 1313th Independent Combined Superiority Squadron 'The Placeholders'

link to another game