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Thu 23 Feb 2023
at 20:21
Possible 2nd edition DND Planescape
I have ran quite a few planescape games for friends, and even finished a campaign arch at one point.i have been looking at my 2nd edition book collection and am thinking about running another in that system (last few ive played have been 5th). Also I have a generic game/setting I run called the Band of Gold set to start characters in a merc group.
The possibilities would be starting some higher level characters in the BoG and bringing them as primes into Planescape. Or just starting off as mid to high level planars.
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Thu 23 Feb 2023
at 20:26
Possible 2nd edition DND Planescape
I'd be very interested! Sounds good!
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Fri 24 Feb 2023
at 23:43
Possible 2nd edition DND Planescape
The 2nd edition catches my interest but I'll admit that I've never played in the Planescape setting.  Willing to learn, though.
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Sat 25 Feb 2023
at 06:37
Possible 2nd edition DND Planescape
Still not sure where to start and where to go with this... I have a few possibilities.
First- on the homebrew setting I use we are coming out of a kind of zombie apocalypse. A lich got a hold of an artifact and controlled most of the world's undead and used it to topple and devastate a world in a kind of golden age. Everything fell apart- society and even race relations as the races of the world cut ties and decided just to focus on their own survival. This is 100-200 years after the lich was overcome and the free peoples of the land are starting to spread out again and reconnect.

Now in Planescape there is a distinction made between primes and planars. Primes are from prime worlds- like those from the worlds in the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk settings. The Planes are kinda what me might think of as the afterlife, in some cases. But The Planes are PLACES that are CONCEPTS. Heaven and Hell (though there are many of these- because this is based upon the alignment and belief of the soul who has passed) and even concepts such as Fire and the Ethereal(as the concept of matter and being as potential).

If starting on this setting you might all be primes- having lived your lives almost solely on this world. Perhaps there may be a mix- some players may be planars here who hide what they are or perhaps it has just not come up. If all players were planar (or even primes of another world- such as the Forgotten Realms one) I would more likely have us start the game in Sigil (a great default place to begin in the PlaneScape setting)
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Sat 25 Feb 2023
at 09:36
Possible 2nd edition DND Planescape

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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 20:07
Possible 2nd edition DND Planescape
I might be interested if the story is good I love 2nd edition A&D
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Sat 4 Mar 2023
at 20:03
Possible 2nd edition DND Planescape
link to a message in another game

Players wanted thread is up. thank you for the input.