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Green Dystopian World Navigated by Dogs.

Posted by foxbrush
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Tue 7 Mar 2023
at 02:08
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Green Dystopian World Navigated by Dogs

Hi~ Im brand new to this site, but long time writer of online RPGs on forums and private sites. I was looking to see if anyone was interested in a green dystopian world where humans have been mostly killed off by nuclear warfare. Animals and nature have taken back cities and homes, although some of those animals have mutated into strange beasts. The players are the descendants of household dogs, and for some reason or another house pets rarely experience mutations to date.

This is a mashup of forum rpg and tabletop Im trying my hand at. The player will be accompanied by a being called the Caretaker. If they are friend or foe is unknown, but they are needed if the player wishes to survive. It is through them that the player can increase their stats and even gain a mutation. Depending on the players will greatly change the story, but there is a goal in mind that I have.

Overall this is a realistic survival rpg. Players may die simply from bad luck or some type of disease. They can make another character, but all items or stats gained will be lost unless of special circumstances. Hit me up with any questions or ideas you would like to pitch to add in.
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Tue 7 Mar 2023
at 02:09
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Green Dystopian World Navigated by Dogs

This sounds like an offshoot of old school Gamma World, and I would be interested. What rule system would you be using for it?
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Tue 7 Mar 2023
at 03:53
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Green Dystopian World Navigated by Dogs

Wow, I wasnt anticipating anyone replying so quickly.

It’s a homebrew system and Im still tweaking it. I dont want anything overly complicated to take away from the role-playing aspect. Players start off with basic stats depending on the age of the dog and which breeds they are. Everyone’s character will be a mutt of some sort considering humans are no longer around to make sure bloodlines are pure. Only the first two breeds will be important for stats. There will be 3 stats; health, speed, and strength. Strength is important for fighting, intimidation, leadership, and other task. Speed is important for fleeing, hunting, stealing, etc. Meanwhile health, is well, health. Health will go up naturally as your dog ages if they start off young, but once they are a year it is stuck there until other means are obtain to increase it. Strength can be increased through beating the odds, the same is with speed. There will be several occasions for your character to gain stats, as long as they impress the Caretaker.

Like I said, I want to keep this simple, so when battling occurs, a die will be rolled to determine how well your player attacks. An example of this is if your dog had an 8 in strength and was fighting another dog, If I rolled a 6 your dog used its full strength in attacking and damaged that dog with 8 damage. If I rolled a 1, then your dog more than likely missed. There can be situational or environment attack bonuses if the player pulls it off. Like sneaking up behind the enemy and surprising them, or setting up a trap that the enemy falls for.

I feel like I am throwing a lot of info at you, lol. Well, hopefully this answers your question.
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Tue 7 Mar 2023
at 04:05
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Green Dystopian World Navigated by Dogs

I'm willing to try. I don't worry about the mechanics as long as I have a generally grasp on what my character can / cannot do and how well they can do it. Otherwise, I have no issues with GM rolling dice and handling the behind the scenes mechanics.
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Tue 7 Mar 2023
at 04:25
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Green Dystopian World Navigated by Dogs

Oh, yeah, completely get that. I would hate to have surprising restrictions suddenly placed on me. I have a few, but nothing too crazy.
  • Wolf-dog hybrids are a no for now.
  • Animals can communicate between each other except for insects. Unless specified otherwise
  • You can argue with the Caretaker, although the results from it can be… interesting.

I cant think of anything else I would have issues with. If there is something specific you would like to know if you can or cannot do I’ll happily tell you. Anymore questions?
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