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06:01, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

IC - IT Meets Cthulhu.

Posted by Drackler
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That is not dead
Which eternal may lie
Thu 23 May 2024
at 17:57
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IC - IT Meets Cthulhu

I had an idea a few years ago for a Call of Cthulhu game where the players take on the roles of the same character at two different ages - as a kid and as an adult. I have tried to run it before but real life, unfortunately, got in the way. Things have settled down now and I'm curious if there is any interest in the concept.

I would run it using the CoC 7e rules, but with more focus on survival and existential horror and less on the cosmic horror of the Cthulhu mythos. The adult and kid storylines would play out simultaneously. Hoping for a longer term game of mystery solving and survival.

So my question is would anyone be interested in playing in a game like this? Additionally, does anyone have any thoughts or advice?
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Thu 23 May 2024
at 21:18
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IC - IT Meets Cthulhu

I've been in IT since Stonehenge was considered cutting edge, and certainly in the early days getting some of the systems to work required arcane rituals and sacrifice (good supply of virgins in the business back then mind you)
CoC meets IT might work. The BOFH could be literal.
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That is not dead
Which eternal may lie
Thu 23 May 2024
at 21:34
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IC - IT Meets Cthulhu

I didn't even think of the other meaning of IT. I'm referring to the book by Stephen King.
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Thu 23 May 2024
at 23:50
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IC - IT Meets Cthulhu

I would be interested. One of my early con events was a three partner with protagonists at 10, 18, and 24.

And King’s IT is a favorite.
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