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05:34, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

idea for ultrakill campaign.

Posted by NoobyChoco
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Sat 25 May 2024
at 22:21
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idea for ultrakill campaign


i MIGHT make it,if i knew how to, so this is a rambling from an insane ultrakill fan

it takes place in ultrakill's hell, from prelude to layer 9

the party is a bunch of robots that decided it wasnt a bad idea to share blood, so they grouped up together, you can even make your own machine
(here's one of my concepts; another small machine made to test out v1's plating materials, and has a handheld drill that makes blood splatter everywhere)
there's enemy demons, angels, husks, even other robots and groups of them at that
some machines are neutral however, such as terminals and maybe a craftsman machine or two

the currency and food/fuel is blood
there is a secondary currency, named P, and its for the terminals
like, blood in containers, where you must find containers to store blood; its both fuel and currency, and the liters are around 1G
every machine has a different fuel capacity and consumption rate
the terminals are basically, cheaper "vending machines"
you get P for clearing a level/dungeon, and the more "stylishly" you play by weapon combos, team plays, or killing enemies in cool ways
P can be used to purchase generic weapons like the shotgun, the revolver, the railgun, the machine gun/nailgun, and the rocket and such
generally boring weapons
machine parts might be a thing later

how 2 get money
P is automatically collected after beating a level
blood must be harvested, you need a container that can be bought from terminals for cheap
and after every enemy dies in a room, you can start to harvest blood
SOME robots cannot use harvested blood, and instead thrive off the fresh blood of their enemies; only a select few are capable of that, however

the merchants
craftsmachines, what ill call them
maybe lorewise they were created to create stuff, instead of fight, like assemble weapons for the war
they take blood for currency instead, but you get much more unique weapons with unique effects

here's a comparison:
Core Eject Shotgun (terminal)
shoots in a cone range, multiple pellets; closer=more damage, farther=more "aoe"
its special attack is ejecting an explosive core grenade which renders the shotgun unusable for a while

Core Grenade Launcher (craftsmachine)
it has two fire modes
it can shoot similarly to the shotgun, but less pellets, more range, less spread
alternatively, shoots explosive core grenades with no penalty, dealing consistent AOE damage

you can fight all the different bosses in ultrakill, as well as some homebrewed ones
and if you stall too much in a layer, v1 catches up to your slow ass and you die in a near-impossible bossfight

because hell is fruitin ALIVE and likes watching you fight and die and fight and die all over again
when everyone dies in a level, they will ressurect at the start of the level, with their level progress reset
now, if someone dies during the level, you can choose whether to leave them behind and make them create a new machine, or restart the level in hopes of beating it without any casualties

thank you for listening to my insane rambling about ultrakill
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Sat 25 May 2024
at 23:11
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idea for ultrakill campaign

If you do run this game, what kind of game rules and mechanics will we be using? Is there a system you have in mind for running this game?
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(i cannot beat them)
Sun 26 May 2024
at 01:08
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idea for ultrakill campaign

probably something similar to the ultrakill's HP ranges

as well as a square board

as for the turn based, its either:
everyone gets a speed value, and acts accordingly

alternatively, we can go FULL CHAOS and every enemy and ally will move and attack at the same time, just like the chaos of ULTRAKILL
you can choose to attack then move, or move then attack, but some enemies rarely move or move very straightforwardly, such as maurice being very slow, and moving very slowly, or the filth constantly running towards you
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Mon 3 Jun 2024
at 04:04
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idea for ultrakill campaign

how do i make a system actually
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