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06:56, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

IC SWADE Zombie Apocalypse

Posted by PlatinumLink
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Fri 21 Jun 2024
at 00:04
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IC SWADE Zombie Apocalypse

Now that my first game is underway, I was considering starting another one and was looking to see if there would be any interest in a Savage World's Adventure Edition Zombie Apocalypse game? The only rulebook required would be the core rules, but I do intend to use the "Dead End" setting book, and maybe taking some ideas from the "World of the Dead" book as well.

The game would primarily be a sandbox one, with no real overarching plot other than survival and building up a base long term. I would try to create a living world outside of the PC's stories, with factions competing for resources that could either become allies or enemies of the player group depending on how events play out. The setting would be mostly "The Walking Dead" style, with romero type zombies. I would likely add in a few variant zombie types just for flavor, but nothing too crazy like Resident Evil style monsters. The "Dead End" book has some character creation restrictions to make the PC's more "realistic", but I will outline character creation in the game to prevent players from needing to buy the book in order to participate.

Setting wise I plan to use the video game "Project Zomboid" map, which takes place in Kentucky, USA. This is mostly so I don't have to create my own map, and also because I like the general aesthetic of it. I'm not a huge fan of using google maps even though the idea of using real world locations can be fun. The game would start in the early phases of the zombie outbreak. Maybe not "Day One" but definitely within the first few weeks. I haven't decided on the exact starting date, but it would probably be modern day.

As a GM I enjoy crafting mechanics, but I don't enjoy the super in depth aspects of some of them. This means that crafting would be fairly simple in terms of ingredients and possibilities. For example, players could break down wooden structures for wooden planks or scrap wood, or electronics for components and wiring, etc. I don't want really the game to get too complicated, I prefer to keep things simple. This also applies to the looting side of things. I'm totally cool with specific weapon calibers and stuff, but I still intend on keeping it fairly simple. I am really trying to avoid players getting access to advanced survival gear and weapons that would trivialize the game in my opinion.

Posting expectations would be fairly relaxed, maybe 3-5 times a week barring any RL obligations. I just requested Adult access so if I am approved the game will be ADULT.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in let me know, and thanks for reading!
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the furry allegations
(i cannot beat them)
Fri 21 Jun 2024
at 00:07
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IC SWADE Zombie Apocalypse

project zomboid fan, real
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Fri 21 Jun 2024
at 13:03
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IC SWADE Zombie Apocalypse

I am super in. I love SWADE and I love zombies and base management.

Have you checked Broken Earth? Maybe some nice mechanics from there.
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