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07:12, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Maps question.

Posted by RupertBrown
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Mon 8 Jul 2024
at 15:14
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Maps question

Hi, I am trying to build a game and am having trouble with maps.  I am trying to port my irl table over to RPol.  In doing so I thought I would just photograph my hand drawn maps to import, but the file size is way too big.  I can't adjust the camera resolution on my phone low enough to fit the max allowed.  Anybody have a workaround or an alternative method of generating maps for my game?
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Mon 8 Jul 2024
at 15:41
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Maps question

You can use a website like Imgur to edit your photos, or photo-editing software on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
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Mon 8 Jul 2024
at 15:41
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Maps question

load them in paint or something and change the size that should get the size down.
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Mon 8 Jul 2024
at 16:01
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Maps question

I wouldn't use the 'maps' section of RPOL. It's basically rubbish.

But having a thread called 'the world' and putting maps in it works very well. For sizing I use a hosting site and can select the size of the images I link to. Paint works as well
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Mon 8 Jul 2024
at 17:49
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Maps question is a great basic image editor for the wonderful price of free. I'd recommend the reverse of Siran, though, and have your world/area maps in the Maps section and any combat maps in their own thread or even in-post.

I know there are various map generators online, though that's rather out of my area of expertise - I just draw 'em and scan 'em and rely on narrative for combat, running very low-combat games (mostly Call of Cthulhu...fights don't generally last long).
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Mon 8 Jul 2024
at 19:34
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Maps question

load them in paint or something and change the size that should get the size down.

Most of my games have used commercial modules ect I have pdf's for. For editing them as need be I've used paint as Xeriph suggested and for convertng to something I can post on rpol that or Adobe Pro. Expensive yet but I've had it avail and used it for work for round 20 years.
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