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06:08, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

IC: Knave 2e.

Posted by rabideldar
member, 236 posts
Role Playing Bastard
Tue 9 Jul 2024
at 18:36
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IC: Knave 2e

I have been really busy but I have an itch that needs scratching. I am looking for a rules lite roleplaying game where I can take existing adventures and throw together a decent world with as few rules as possible. I am thinking Knave 2e would be perfect for this and allow the players to experience a world rather than simply following a plot.

Any interest? Knave is pretty easy enough that players wouldn't need the rules.
member, 257 posts
Wed 10 Jul 2024
at 01:01
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IC: Knave 2e

Maybe, I've heard of that one. An OSE myself.
member, 237 posts
Role Playing Bastard
Wed 10 Jul 2024
at 12:49
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IC: Knave 2e

I had considered OSE also. It looks pretty good. Right now there are so many, I wanted feedback on interest.
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