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For now, simply give me your RPoL name, your age, what geographical area you live, and other information you'd like to give me. I'm not accepting characters at this time, yet.
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Character Creation
The following is just a guide to help in character creation, the only thing you need to remember is that you end up with ten Aspects, fifteen Skills, and three Stunts. Also, feel free to collaborate with other players on character creation, interweaving backstories with each other.

Step 1. High Concept

The first thing to decide upon is your character’s High Concept. This is your Defining Aspect and lets the GM know the basic role you’d like your character to play. Some basic examples that might fit are: Tac-Witch, Engineering Genius, Groomed for Command, Flight Jock.

Be creative about this. Make your High Concept unique to help your character stand out from the crowd. Try to define your character’s core interests and convey some of her personality.

Step 2. Dramatic Flaw

This is what causes the most trouble for your character. It will become a major source for acquiring Fate points, so make sure it's something you'll have fun with. Some examples would be: Icy Temper, Can't Shut Up, Loose Warhead.

Step 3. Growing up

Write a brief paragraph about the character's family, home, and upbringing. Derive two Aspects from this paragraph. Some good examples might be: Heavy-worlder, Aristocratic Upbringing, Commoner Origins, et cetera.

Step 4. Starting out

Describe how the character picked a direction in life, the formative choice that established who the character decided she will be. Derive one Aspect from this paragraph.

Step 5. Crisis!

Something happened that turned your character's world upside-down. Write a brief description about this event and derive one Aspect from it. Some examples might be: Faced a Hexapuma, Bonded with a Treecat, Lone Survivor.

Step 6. Saganami Island

You've finally made it to the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy at Saganami Island. It's not everything you hoped for... or maybe it is! Write a bit about your experience there, and derive two Aspects from the paragraph. Some examples: The Patronage Game, Top of the Class, Bottom Rung.

Step 7. On your own

In this final paragraph, write about where the character is now, what her goals are, her immediate needs, et cetera. Derive the final two Aspects.

Step 8. Skill Pyramid

Select fifteen Skills for your character and rank them in a pyramid: one at level 5, two at 4, three at 3, four at 2, and five at 1. Choose from the following:

Agility, Aircraft, Alertness, Animal Handler, Archaeology, Arts, Assets, Brawling, Brokerage, Bureaucracy, Charm, Close Combat, Communications, Computer, Culture/Tech, Demolitions, Energy Weapons, Engineering, EVA, Gunnery, Intimidation, Medical, MicroG, Navigation, Oratory, Pilot, Profession, Repair, Resolve, Science, Slug Throwers, Stamina, Stealth, Survival, Tactics, Vehicle

Step 9. Stunts

There are four well-defined categories of stunts: military-grade, have a thing, skill substitution, and alter a track. There is also room to build your own stunts without reference to these categories, which we call “free-form” stunts.

Step 10. Equipment

Automatically, you have a skinsuit issued by the RMN. Anything else is up for debate.

Step 11. Stress tracks

Every character has three stress tracks: Health, Composure, and Wealth. Each has a relevant Skill that can modify the number of boxes in the track. Some Stunts can modify the number of boxes as well. The Health track is associated with the Stamina Skill. Composure is associated with Resolve. Wealth is associated with Assets. Tracks start out with three boxes in them, which represents a character untrained in the relevant Skill. If the relevant Skill is 1 or 2, the track is four boxes; if it is 3 or 4, the track is five boxes; if it is 5, the track has six boxes.

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