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Thu 13 Oct 2011
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Some Rules
To talk about and post rules!

For combat ...I prefer to think of HP as more of a fatigue system than an accumulation of wounds. I find this provides more freedom for the player to describe their attacks before the killing blow. So if you land a strike on someone, maybe you have just thrown their defense off, set them back on their heels or rang their ears a bit rather than having sliced them open before the fight is done.

The blow to reduce their HP to 0 can of course be typically grievous but feel free to describe the other aspects of the battle in your own terms and not those of the constraining mechanics.

...Repost my stat blocks at the end of your post with any changes that have been made during your turn. This includes changes to my NPCs unless stated otherwise - I've provided their defenses for the explicit reason of enabling you to describe what happens on your turns. I find this method helps speed up the pbp format and because I doubt you will gain much from metagaming. You may also roll applicable saves for the enemies - just make sure they are clearly labelled on the dice roller.

...Let me know if you need any more information than I have given you regarding the encounter. It's a lot of work to edit maps and my notebook probably isn't up to the challenge but I have a pretty clear image of the battlefields in my mind if something seems amiss.

...I will do all my rolling in secret. Don't worry though - I'm your fellow storyteller - not your enemy. This way I can change rolls if I see fit to make our story more interesting without you worrying about discrepancies. This includes all passive checks. If you are unsure if I have rolled something or would like me to roll something you deem important just let me know and label it well if you roll it yourself.

For HP ... I'm thinking you guys should just go max for first level and 1/2 HD +1 for the rest. I'm going to be testing your limits at the beginning to see what kind of things I can throw at you in the future so unless any of you disagree you can pop that in your character sheets.

That's all I can think of right now but these rules are definitely open to discussion/clarification.

In general... please read the IC posts I make. I try to make the game fun but GMing is also a bit of work. So if you just put in throw-away posts that show me you aren't paying attention then me writing them becomes pointless.

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Thu 11 Jun 2015
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Re: Some Rules
Strain-Injury HP Variant


All damage is taken from your total HP. However, strain damage will heal with a five minute break, while injury damage requires healing magic or use of the heal skill. Injury damage is from: critical hits, failed saving throws and anything that reduces hit points below 0.

The source above explains how Strain-Injury effects RP and how different damage types can be interpreted.

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