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Combat is based on 12 second turns.

In the interest of playing-by-post Iím going to keep things fairly abstract. Hereís what you need to know.

Each turn you get 2 normal actions or 1 long action

Types of Actions are:

A normal action Move is 6 meters, a long action Run move is 12 meters.
Between 0 and 4 meters from your opponent you are considered to be in melee and would need to Step Back to take a move action.

Punch and Kick are normal actions
Haymaker, Grapple, and Tackle are long.

Dueling Attacks
Thrust, Slash are normal actions
Lunge is long

Missile Attacks
Fire is a normal action

Other Attacks
Attack is a long action, this is used for Brawling Weapons (chairs, mugs, broken bottles, candelabras, etc.), Clubs, Polearms, and Two-Handed Swords.

Duck, Sidestep, Dodge,  Parry, and Block are normal actions
Step Back is long

Counter is a normal action, this is the only way to get 2 attacks in one turn, you give up all defense and instead, if your opponent misses you get a counterattack at +1 to hit.

Use this to load weapons, pick things up, prime grenades, unsling weapons etc. they can be normal or long depending on the circumstances.

You may only have one type of Action per turn

When posting actions please provide a description of what you are attempting to to as well as the Actions you choose:
I crouch and fire my pistol. Fire/Duck
I swing looking for an opening. Punch/Counter
I engage the masked man with a florish of my rapier. Slash/Parry

(You don't have to write in first person or ensure that you describe each Action in the prose of the post but I will need to know the Actions you have in mind for your character.)

If for some reason we get involved in some PvP conflicts post the actions privately to me so you donít tip your hand to your opponent.

The type of attack and defense you choose when fighting has several effects.

First some defenses are more effective against specific attacks.

Attack Dodge Duck Sidestep Step Back
Lunge -3 0 -6 -2
Thrust -3 0 -6 cannot hit
Slash -3 -6 0 cannot hit
Strike -3 -3 -3 cannot hit
(with club or brawling weapon)
Strike -3 -3 -3 -3
(with polearm or two-handed sword)
Punch -2 -4 -1 cannot hit
Kick -2 0 -4 cannot hit
Haymaker        -2 -4 0 cannot hit
Grapple          -2 0 -2 cannot hit
Tackle -2 -2 -6 -4

In addition, when dueling if you choose to parry, you get an opportunity to guess your opponents attack. If you are correct you get a +3 to parry.

The type of attack also effects damage:

Weapon         Slash Thrust Lunge
Rapier 2 2 4
Saber 3 1 4

This is base damage, if an attack succeeds by Ĺ the target number or better a Serious Wound is scored and d6 is added.

Example: You need a 12 to hit when you Thrust at you assailant with your saber, if you roll a 7-12 and are not successfully defended against you do 1 point of damage. If you roll a 2-6 you would do 1+d6 damage. If you roll a 1 you do 1+d6 damage and bypass your opponentís armor!

When drawing a dueling weapon, a character may make either an immediate slash attack at -2 to hit, or an immdediate Parry to -3.

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