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Hôtel de Tréville
Hôtel de Tréville

Located on the Rue de Vieux Colombier near the Carrefour de Croix-Rouge, the hôtel de Tréville is Paris residence of the comte de Tréville, captain-lieutenant of the King’s Musketeers.

The townhouse of the captain-lieutenant buzzes with activity. Fifty to sixty Musketeers are nearly always present, armed to the teeth, presenting an imposing face to the city. Up and down the long staircase marking the entrance of the townhouse moves a stream of liveried lackeys delivering messages and provincial gentlemen hoping for a coveted place among the king’s elite guardsmen. From a small office located off the antechamber of the townhouse, the captain-lieutenant receives visitors, hears complains, issues orders, and, from the window of this small room, review his men.

The long staircase of the hôtel also serves as the location of a frequent sport among the Musketeers – two (or more) Muskteers duel their way up and down the stairs, the winner driving his opponent into the antechamber or the street. Taking the lower starting position, which carries a disadvantage to most swordsmen, is considered the position of honor among the guardsmen.
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Re: Hôtel de Tréville
Issac De Portau, member of the King's Musketeer is at the home of his commander enjoying the company of his comrades when he is summoned by Monsieur de Treville.

As it is known that Issac De Portau is well regarded but the Captain is is not seen in the light it might be if some others might be called in to see him.

"Ahh it is good to see you De Portau. I have a mission of some subtlty performed. This is not an official mission but I know I can count on you to complete the task."

"A well connected member of the ariostcoracy, the Archduke Demainz, has recruited, with my permission, Sergent Gaston Laroque to undertake a long journey as part of a group. I am truth be told, not aware of the goal of the group, though I have been assured it will serve the King and France."

"Since the sergent departed some new information has come to his patron. DeMainz sent me a sealed letter that you are to deliver into the hands of Sergent Laroque. He will be in Genoa in four days. It will be a long hard I understand Laroque's horse is still in the stable. Take it and your own and ride hard south. You will join this little party and assist Sergent Laroque in completing this mission."

"You shall have this ourse containing 300 Livres to cover any expences. Any questions?"

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Re: Hôtel de Tréville
Issac raced up the grand stair that led to M. Treville apartments. His brothers in-arms were practicing swordplay in pairs along its length causing the short & stocky man to pause then go around them with muttered oaths.

Finally he swung open the doors & stood before the man himself. Not only was he the Captain... but M. Treville was a Musketeer. He was a hero of war and duel. No one loved or was as beloved by his Musketeers... save the King himself.

As was his want, Issac doffed his broad-brimmed hat and became stock still as he awaited his orders. He listened to each & every word as it was spoken. As it was a command! To be chosen above all of the others was a honor that Issac was most grateful for. Not only could he help a fellow Musketeer but prove himself to Treville as well.

"Mon Capitan!" Issac said with a slight bow of his shaggy head.

"Oui! I shall do exactly as you say sir. I shall deliver the missive and help Sergent Laroque or I will breath no more. As always you are most generous Mon Capitan. I shall not fail you or the Musketeers!'

Issac then accepted both the silver and the sealed parchment with a courtly bow. He then turned on his heels so fast that his cloak whirled in the daft caused by his exit. The short Musketeer descended the stairs two at a time, all the while shouting in his great baritone!

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Re: Hôtel de Tréville
With his comrade's horse in tow, De Portau. Sped towards Genoa. With two mounts the Musketeer was able to make quick time.  Soon France is behind him and he arrives in Genoa.