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A Last Battle Lyrics
Heather Alexander

Within the hill, the hollow hill
The night wind seems to moan
For empty stands the Elvin hall
And I dwelt here alone

Alone to wait, alone to watch
The weary seasons pass
To watch all magic fade away
As fragile as spun glass

I would not battle for myself
The toll claimed by the years
My heart’s song echoed note for note
The falling of my tears


And is there yet a child of man
Above the hollow hill
Who hears my song, and heeds my words
And harks to magic, still?

Is there a mortal anywhere
Who longs for wonder, yet?
Or have they all forgotten
Those who never can forget?

One evening when the stars above
The hill were diamond bright
And all the woods were silvered
By the full moon’s gentle light

I took my harp and left the hall
To play where wind blew free
When out among the shadows
There approached me mortals three

They saw me and they heard me
And came to me unafraid
Of years ‘twist child and grown, were they
These two youths and a maid


Temptation came to lure them in
And yet, I stayed my hand
For mortals often pine away
When held in Elvin land

And, so, I only smiled and sang
And held them with my song
To give me treasured memories
When years grew cold and long

And, then in kindness took their hands
And sent them on their way
Bewitched their minds quite clean of me
And vanished with the day


All magic fades these latter days...
And in thy iron cold
Yes, even magic such as mine
Whose roots are deep and old

It were not kindness to these three
To keep them by my side
To let them slowly fade with me
For loneliness and pride

And so I let them go
And only cast on them the spell
To let me look into their lives
To see them safe and well


[music interlude]


But not content with that that night (?)
I thought to look ahead
And saw them slain so uselessly
My parent’s strife stuck dead

It came to me to know then
That they need not die by hate
That I, might with my magic,
Battle to avert their fate

Then I could bring them back this night
This to dwell within my hall
So now against hate, iron, and death
I go to pit my call

I call you now who came to me
Above my hollow hill
Now hear my song, and heed my words
And hark unto me still

I call by star and melody
By love and magic bright
So come to me and bide with me
I fight for you this night
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Nice pic, looks sort of fantasyish and sci fi.