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 Tony Stroppa
Thu 22 Sep 2011
at 06:27
Combat and Rules Notes
Combat is always in Dex order rank.

Rounds are as below:
  1. First shots
  2. Movement / Melee / Second shots
  3. Third shots (at half DEX rank)

So we resolve gunfire first in Dex order

Then move into Dex order for other actions and secondary gunshots. Last is third shots at half DEX order.

Reloading a gun: One round will allow you to reload up to 2 bullets or change a small arm magazine.


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The Keeper
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 Tony Stroppa
Thu 18 May 2017
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Combat and Rules Notes
In reply to The Keeper (msg # 1):

Random Hit Location Chart (d20)

01-03Right Legright leg from hit joint to foot
04-06Left Legleft leg from hit joint to foot
07-10Abdomenhips to just under ribcage
11-15Chestribcage and shoulders to under neck
16-17Right Armentire right arm and shoulder
18-19Left Armentire left arm and shoulder
20Head/Neckhead and neck

Locational Hit Points: for any human character, find the exact number of hit points per location with the following formulae (fractions round up):
  • points per leg, abdomen, and head each equal 1/3 of the total hit points.
  • points per arm each equal 1/4 of the total hit points.
  • Points of the chest equal 4/10 of the total hit points.

The Keeper
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 Tony Stroppa
Fri 30 Nov 2018
at 11:40
Combat and Rules Notes
DEX Ranks

  1. Matt Clancy (16)
  2. Andrew 'Chalky' White (15)
  3. Molly 'Mungo' Fuller (14)
  4. Cynthia Jane Holloway (13)
  5. Count Sigismund Báthony (13)
  6. John-Marc Falcon (13)



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