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Wed 5 Oct 2011
at 01:14
There are MANY disclaimers for this game.

First of all, I WILL make mistakes.
Second, I might NOT fix them.
Third, if I make a mistake that affects your character adversely, and don't correct it, I will try to make it up to you in another way.
Fourth, I WILL fudge rules.    This game will be more of an artform than a science, and like most artists, I'm a little weird.  Just saying.

The most important thing is that everyone, player and GM, have a good time.  If you're not, please tell me.
I will either rush over and make it more fun for you, or I'll laugh and keep doing what I'm doing.  Which ever is more appropriate.

Even though I have a story arc in mind that if full of "plotty goodness", I'm also planning to steal shamelessly from other sources, in various publications or from TV, movies, books, or the backs of cereal boxes.   So be prepared.

Also, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, I'll probably mess with your characters, NPCs, and home worlds a little or a lot, and switch certain things out, but you should still have a good time.
That being said, I hope that anyone who is affected by my wandering imagination will be a good sport and not metagame.

Finally (for now), I give my standard disclaimer for all games I run.

I can't promise that this game will be entertaining.
I can't promise that this game will be enlightening.
I can't promise that this game will be educational.
What I CAN promise, however, is that this game will be..... time consuming.