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Thu 3 Nov 2011
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The Wizards Republic of Aldrynn
Here The Saga of Aldrynn's greatest tale begins
Prime Minister Sero Vathii
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Thu 3 Nov 2011
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Re: The Wizards Republic of Aldrynn
In reply to Bringer of Balance (msg #1):

Sero looks around in his office. Two great stones sit at his flanks as he sits behind a dark pine desk.

He sighs at what lies before him. A veritable mountain of paperwork sits at his desk. In addition the voices of the stones suddenly picks up drastically. He hangs his head low in contempt.

"If I had known I'd be doing THIS much signing, I would have never quit being an anthropologist."

He dips his pen in the ink well and starts to sign off of various, hopefully necessary projects. Sero never stops grumbling throughout the entire process.
Xalur Forell
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Fri 4 Nov 2011
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Re: The Wizards Republic of Aldrynn
Sero would hear a knock at the his office door the two Rune Guard standing outside the office open the the allowing Xalur Forell Sero's Chief Adviser to walk into the office carrying a couple of books in his hands. Ahh good morning sir!!! I just stopped by to give you a briefing of reports that I've collected within the last week. If you don't mind sir I would like to go over a few things with you that have drawn my attention as of late. Xalur said with an odd air of uncertainty.
Avii Meran
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Fri 4 Nov 2011
at 22:12
Re: The Wizards Republic of Aldrynn
Walking up to the office doors just couple minutes after Xalur. Avii Meran is saluted and let into Sero's office by the two Rune-Guard standing guard how recognized her as The Rune-Lord. The four Rune-Guards With her wait outside the office standing guard with the other two. And They set the doors behind her.

Walking up the Sero's deck in full armor with her bastard sword on her back. Good Morning Sir!!! I have far more important to talk to you about! I think that you really need to hear this.
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Fri 4 Nov 2011
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Re: The Wizards Republic of Aldrynn
But yet moments later Loovah is giving way to enter Sero's office. Walking in calmly Loovah takes a seat looking around the office and Sero's desk with a mountain of paper work, then over toward Avil and Xalur. He says with calm voice, Good morning to you sir, I see that you have a lot on your plate right now so I'll just sit back and wait for these two to tell you what they need to. I'll just be right here waiting.

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