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Sun 13 Nov 2011
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The Grendel Nation
Ok here were your kingdoms adventure begins.
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Mon 23 Jan 2012
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Re: The Grendel Nation
The largest city in the nation of the Grendel is in the Western coast of the lands of Harakoni. The City of Wreck is a large conglomeration of poorly docked ships and buildings made from salvaged boats.

That said, the center of the nation is undoubtedly the Seas of Mnar. It is from here, the Queen Admiral commands her nation...

The Ragnorok docks on the central castles mooring lines. The Queen Admiral and her entourage walk into the castle. She nods to her guards and drwas forward a paper. "The Aldrynn Prime Minister has found our terms agreeable. The navy of the Grendel is officially on the clock. Make a heading for the Coasts of Aldrynn."

The was a cheer and great movement amongst the decks of the castle. From the top of the fort's towers, the sails were set and the Shoggoth Dreadnaught sailed with the rest of the Grendel Navy moving with it.