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* Day −24 (~22 days/~3 weeks before Day −2): Greta and Hansel arrive in Redcreek.
* Day −19 (17 days before Day −2): Amyn writes her last letter.
* 2 weeks before Day 1: Redcreek sends ores to Cannith forge.
* ~1.5 weeks before Day −2: Amyn disappears, murdered.
* During the week prior to Day 1: Cannith goods fail to arrive at Torvista.
* 12th Aryth: Silver Auditors League letter to Cannith Forge dated and sent.
* 13th: Wight attack in Allsmeet/Torvista. Thwarted by us. (M0: A Simple Interview)
* 14th: Tri-Moon. Weaver visited Greta and Hansel. We met Prince Oargev, joined the Border Guard, poked around Allsmeet. (M0: A Simple Interview; The Drunken Page)
* 15th: Traveled from Allsmeet to Redcreek, attacked by undead crows. (M1: Redcreek)
* 16th: Arrived in Redcreek. Initial investigations.
* 17th: Met Lexion. Discovered Amyn, caught Greta and Hansel.
* 18th: Hanging around church, Aetheron and Lexion leave to rendezvous with army.
* 19th: Army arrives. Given Cannith Forge mission. (M2: The Broken Forge)
* 20th: Journey to and arrive at Cannith Forge, find everyone dead.

CURRENT DAY: 20th Aryth

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