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House Rules and Misc. (Read First)

The action point system is in effect. For those who do not know what it is:

Every player character starts with 5 action points. This amount is replenished every time a PC levels up, and increases by one every 2 levels (6 at level 2-3, 7 at 4-5 and so on). Unused action points are lost.

Everytime you roll a d20, you can spend an action point after the roll was made but before the result is known to add 1d6 to the result of the roll. This "bonus" increases with level (2d6 at 8th and 3d6 at 15th).

Alternatively, players can use action points to:

2 action points: gain an extra use of a class feature with a daily use (eg rage, turn undead, bardic music...etc)

1 action point (artificers only): cast an infusion as a 1 round action, even if it normally takes longer.

1 action point: Auto-stabilize: Stabilizes you when a character is below 0. Does nothing if you're dead, sadly.


X action points: Do something damn awesome. Run it past me (or my Co-GM) in a PM first though. If we approve (which should be the case if its awesome enough), we'll give it an appropiate 'cost', and you can go ahead. Please don't use this as an invitation to argue with us.

You can only use 1 action point boost a round.

Using an action point does not consume any action.


1) Posting rate will be minimal, 1 post every 2 days. I do not expect everyone to post 24/7, as I myself have a busy RL. However, I would request all players to provide a simple list of default actions your character would take in combat so that I can NPC you if needed.

2) Players who will be absent for 3 or more days should try to inform me and the rest of the group in advance. I understand that somethings in RL crop up at the last minute, but please do not abuse this understanding. Else, I will burn you with fire


Due to the nature of PbP, combat will be handled a little differently:

1) Initiative. For initiative, players and monsters will act as a group. This means I as a DM will post all the monster actions, players will post all of their actions, and then I'll resolve everything in the next post, then post the next round's monster actions and so on.

The average initiative of the party determines which group goes first.
This is calculated by having everyone roll initiative, then dividing it by the number of creatures in the group. So 3 goblins rolling 5, 6 and 15 will have a group initiative of 9, while a fighter and a ranger rolling 10 and 12 will have a group initiative of 11. Therefore, the fighter/ranger group acts first.

2) Nothing is a given. In posts, state what your character attempts, not the result. Roll everything, even if it seems like it might miss. You never know if some weird circumstance that your character does not know about will show up in one of my battles (trust me, there will be plenty). They aren't always positive though...

3) Immediate actions: This is confusing. Things like Greater Mirror Image, Abrupt Jaunt, Inspiration...etc all delay the game. In a table-top, the DM will just say "the goblin attacks" and the player will announce if he/she takes an immediate action. Then the DM rolls. In PbP, this means at least three posts, (DM, player y/n response, DM confirming result).

To better facilitate this, I will rule that immediate actions must be "readied" in the manner of a ready action. This means that in posts previous, you need simply to state a condition underwhich the immediate action will trigger (eg approached by any enemy). I will endevor to fit the action into my summary post as far as it makes sense. You can ready any number of immediate actions per turn, and if more than one would trigger, I as the DM will simply pick the one most suitable.

EXAMPLE: Wizard vs Harpy

Wizard: Attis slams his wooden staff into the ground and calls upon the magic inside of him to burst forth. A bead of force flings itself from the wizard's staff to the warrior; (rolls damage for Magic Missle)

(Private to DM: If the Fighter reaches within 5ft of Attis, he will use an immediate action to cast Greater Mirror Image)

DM: The Harpy grits her teeth as the spell shatters itself against her armor. The winged creature dives down and charges Attis, swinging its claws at the wizard once she closes in; (rolls attack and damage if it would hit). However, as Erin closes the distance between her and Attis, four more grinning wizards suddenly pop into existence. The creature swings at one of the images, but finds she hits nothing but air; (rolls chance to hit correct image: 1d5, 5 = hit, rolled a 4)

HOWEVER, if the condition isn't met, the immediate action won't trigger. This is to make combat posting easier, and also because it makes sense (you can't really react properly to something you're not entirely expecting after all, for example, you won't be able to use that readied immediate action to jaunt away from danger on an invisible enemy)


Wizard: Attis slams his wooden staff into the ground and calls upon the magic inside of him to burst forth.  flings itself from the wizard's staff to the warrior; (rolls damage for Magic Missle)

(Private to DM: If the Fighter reaches within 5ft of Attis, he will use an immediate action to cast Greater Mirror Image)

DM: The Harpy grits her teeth as the spell shatters itself against her armor. Snarling at the wizard, it quickly draws her composite longbow and sends a single arrow spinning through the air at Attis, which buries itself deeply in the wizard's arm; (rolls attack and damage)

Wizard: Attis cries out in pain, and continues his next move. ...ETC....ETC

Oh course, this requires you trust me as a DM not to metagame my creatures (which SHOULD be a given). However, if you have been using the same tactics over and over, or if the creature has fought you before or acquired intelligence on you, then expect it to react differently.


There are many points of contention within 3.5 in regards to its rules. These will be the following houserules in place regarding the rules. Note that new rules can be added at anytime the DM deems it suitable. As such this list is not all encompassing. Also, always read the errata beforehand, especially for feats like Leap Attack, Arcane Thesis and Divine Metamagic since the errata changes them significantly.


- Diplomacy is not a set DC. The DC is entirely up to the DM and is subject to many modifiers. Diplomacy also needs to be roleplayed out in character, though I doubt that needs to be said.
- Bluff modifiers are not set. A completely unbelievable lie does not carry a flat +20 modifier, instead it will subject to the DM on how successful a Bluff check is.
- Open Lock is removed from the game. It's uses shall be encompassed by the Disable Device skill
- Forgery can opposed by either Spot or Appraise in addition to Forgery.
- Cooperating on the same skill checks will result in the higher roll being used and the lower one treated as an aid another attempt (because it is stupid when someone rolls a 23 to aid another and a 15 to attempt a search check)


- Arcane Thesis cannot bring the cost of a metamagic feat below +0. This means feats like Invisible Spell will have a cost of +0 in spite of Arcane Thesis.
- Leadership/Undead Leadership is subject to DM approval. Ask before using.
- Replace Toughness with Improved Toughness. Any class/feat/etc that requires Toughness as a prerequisite now requires Improved Toughness instead.
- Touch Spells qualify for use in regards to Persistent Spell.


- Planar Shepherd (Faiths of Eberron) is banned. No questions. The adventure is limited to one plane (mostly), and I don't want the headache involved in balancing that class.
- Weretouched Master uses the pre-errata version of the prestige class. This is because the errata version makes the capstone suck.
-Artificers can start with "pre-crafted items" provided they expend the required XP from their craft pool and starting gold. Craft pool from previous levels can be used in the "pre-crafted items" provided you could have crafted it at that level (eg, you can "start" with at least 20XP worth of scrolls as though you can crafted them at level 1)
- Class/prestige class abilities that would disqualify you from the class that grants it (e.g. Dragon Disciple's dragon apotheosis) do not disqualify you from the class.
- "Fluff" requirements for PRCs are open for discussion. With a good background or reason I may modify or even waive the requirements for a particular PRC.
- Monks are proficient with their unarmed strikes. Yes, go read it again; they don't get proficiency by default.
- The Ranger's druid level for her animal companion is treated as her ranger level minus 4 (minimum 1).
- The Ranger's and Paladin's caster level is treated as their Ranger/Paladin Level minus 4 (minimum 1).
- Sorcerer's get Eschew Materials as a first level bonus feat.
- Hexblade uses the following changes here
- Rogues deals half-damage on sneak attack against creatures normally immune to sneak-attack (eg constructs, undead, elemental) from 3rd level onwards only when flanking said creature (as per Penetrating Strike, Dungeonscape) This is because Eberron is filled with warforged, bound-elementals and an entire nation using undead as an army, which make rogues sad.
- Assassin does not have the "Any Evil" requirement.
- Classes like Legacy Champion or Uncanny Trickster do not progress prestige class abilities past the written level limit. They instead progress your base class abilities if the prestige class has been completed.
- Bloodline benefits apply to only one class.
- Healers can convert any spell they have prepared into a cure spell. It's idiotic to prepare a cure spell when clerics never need to prepare one. They also add spells in the Spell Compendium concerned with healing, removing afflictions, providing protections, and providing for needs to their spell lists as well as higher level versions of spells that the Healer already knows, such as mass restoration. Check with DM for clarification on which spells are ok.

- Drowning only brings you to 0 Hit Points if you were above 0 in the first place. Else you just die.
-Please put 'Feathered Changeling' in your RTJ to show you've read all this. Thank you

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