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Wed 19 Oct 2011
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Character Creation (Read Third)

1) Starting Level 3, 32 point buy. Players start with 2700gp to spend on gear

1 flaw and 1 trait allowed

HP Max at 1st level, average at each level after (d4 = 3, d6 = 4, d8 = 5, d10 = 6, d12 = 7)

2) Partial BAB and Saves are in place

3) Books Allowed: PHB, DMG, PHB II, MM, Unearthed Arcana (excluding Gestalt), All Completes, Spell Compendium, All Eberron source books

Any others upon request (really, just ask. I'm usually quite open to interesting builds)

4) As I DM I also reserve the right to ban or house rule anything that I find unbalancing to the game.

5) Also, no Psionics. Not because I think it overpowered, but because the campaign is focused on the Last War. There's no space for the Quori (they weren't even really involved until the war ended anyway)

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