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Setting Info
For new players to the setting, and old players who want to know the context of the war:


Eberron is a world where magic, especially low-level magic, is the norm. Its general feel can be described as a "swashbuckling steampunk action". Also, most people are pretty low level. The average guard is about level 2-3, heroic PCs are 5+, and level 10+ is when you're literally a major force in the world.

Important Organizations and Terms:


The setting of the war takes place on Khorvaire, fought between five nations: Breland, Karranth, Audanir, Thrane and Cyre.

Originally, the five nations were united under the Empire of Galifar. However, a civil war broke up 100 years ago over the right to succession when the last Emperor died. It has continued ever since, with only brief pauses between when all sides regroup.

Breland: A large, agricultural nation with lots of industry in the urban areas and forests in the rural ones. It is mostly preoccupied with curbing the constant monstrous incursions from Droaam. Their King, Boranel, is well-loved by the people and has fought on the frontlines multiple times. It was one of the first nations (besides Cyre) to make heavy use of warforged.

Karranth: Originally possessed the strongest military, it is home of the Rekkenmark Academy, which once supplied the kingdom with military geniuses. The nation overextended early in the war, and now has to supplement its troops with Undead. As a result, it is also home to the Blood of Vol, a religion revolving around Undead and Blood.

Thrane: Think "Holy Roman Empire". Theocratic and ruled by the Church of the Silver Flame. Their armies are made mostly of zealots, paladins and priests. This is not to say they aren't really dangerous. They have launched several crusades in the past, the most notable being the one which wiped out the werewolf plague.

Audanir: The magic kingdom. Originally home to the empire's wizarding schools and academics. Their armies make heavy use of wands, summons and low-level wizards/sorcs. Now mostly retreated from the war, and rebuilding.

Cyre: The country PCs will be fighting for. Originally the kingdom's capital, it is also the smallest. Cyre's first queen, Mishraan, was the one who sparked the war, as the other four siblings felt she was too weak, despite her being the oldest (and thus the traditional successor). Cyre makes heavy use of mercenaries, warforged, and artificers in its armies, having a small population and few resources.


Thirteen houses whose members are born with mysterious dragonmarks that grant powers relating to a particular domain. It is because of them that Khovaire enjoys widespread use of magic. The 12 houses are:

House Cannith: The Mark of Making. A human-only mark. Abilities related to repairing, making or enchanting. Holds a near monopoly on crafting and magical artifice. They were also the creators of the warforged, and have profitted immensely from the war (swords, armor, warforged, titans, war machines, golems...etc)

House Orien: The Mark of Travel. Another human-only mark. Powers related to speed, teleportation and travel. Builders of the Lightning Rail, a massive inter-kingdom train network. Also controls the Couriers Guild, which handles packages, messages and deliveries. (Lots of use in a war)

House Kundarak: The Mark of Warding. Dwarf-only. Powers related to locking, sealing and warding. Controls the banking system, as well as serving as security consultants for richer clients. The war has them pretty busy as many nations have all sorts of things they want protected.

House Denith: The Mark of the Sentinel. Human-only. Powers related to protection, shielding and vigil. Once protectors of the peace, the war forced them to switch to hiring out Blademarks as bodyguards or even mercenaries. The House still tries to manage the war, trying to serve as a "United Nations" of sorts to curb anything they judge to be too depraved (its a lot harder than it seems)

House Ghallanda: The Mark of Hospitality. Halfling-only. Powers related to food, shelter and rest. They control majority of the inns, and any tavern or inn with their seal is guarenteed to be of quality. Some house members ride in traveling caravans called Wandering Inns, using magic to contain entire houses inside the back of a carrige for lucky weary travelers to rest in. The war has forced them off many places that are no longer safe, though the dragonmarked houses are technically off-limits to soldiers.

House Jorasco: The Mark of Healing. Halfling-only. Powers related to well, healing. They have many enclaves all over the nation to treat people. The House however, is required to charge for their services, no exceptions. Favors can be traded under certain circumstances. They serve as medics on the front line during the war, and the House has promised withdrawal of their services from any nation who attacks a Jorasco halfling.

House Valdis: The Mark of Handling. Human-only. Powers related to taming and enchancing beasts. They deal in the breeding and trading of high-quality animals like horses, dogs and cattle. A rather rural house, they mostly keep themselves to themselves. The war has a few nations requesting their aid in breeding more exotic beasts for combat, such as intelligent magebred horses or eagles.

House Lyrander: The Mark of Storm. half-elf only. Powers relating to the weather, wind and lightning. Controls the sea trade routes, and holds influence over farming areas due to their ability to summon rain. Recently started developing airships for travel (House Orien does not like). Nations have made use of their abilities to clear paths or mold unfavorable weather or terrain to their advantage during the war.

House Phiarlan: The Mark of Shadow. Elf-only. Powers related to illusion and stealth. They are mostly a guild of entertainers, using their illusionary abilities to enchance their performances, or aid in their arts and crafting. Unknown to the common populance, the house also controls one of the oldest spy/intelligence networks in the continent. Their role in the war need not be said, lest they kill you.

House Thuranni: The Mark of Shadow. Elf-only. They splintered off from House Phiarlan during an ancient falling out in the past. They now compete directly with Phiarlan in the intelligence area, but have also specialized in assassination. Needless to say, they have many uses in the war.

House Sivis: The Mark of Scribing. Gnome-only. Powers related to scrolls, words and communication. The oldest house, they established many of the structures which all the houses follow. They control the communications networks using Sending Stones and many of the mundane messaging services. They also serve as translators, historians and archivists. The war has many armies making use of their services to coordinate their war efforts, or to encode secret messages.

House Tharashk: The Mark of Finding. Human and Half-orc only. Powers related to locating and tracking. The house controls much of the mining trade, in particular the haversting of Dragonshards, guides through various regions (including Xendrik), and the Inquisitives (detectives). The war has increased the demmand for many of the materials they are mining, and more than one inquistive has been hired to locate specific targets or lost soldiers.

House Medani: The Mark of Warning. Half-elf only. Powers related to divination, scrying and precognition. The Warning Guild usually serves as oracles and soothsayers, warning other organizations or specific people of important events to come. The other houses, especially the Shadow Houses, find them annoying. They are largely employed as truthtellers and counter-intelligence both during and outside the war.

NOTE: There used to be another mark, the Mark of Death. Though not common knowledge, the House was an elf-only mark that was wiped out a long time ago.

--more info will be added as it becomes relevant in the campaign (i.e. not spoilering xD)--

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