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Welcome to Arcadia ( read first)
This game will begin in the city of Arcadia. A prosperous trading city and the capital of a loose confederacy of city states known as the Arcadian Alliance. Once every five years there is a week long festival in Arcadia celebrating the creation of the Alliance a couple centuries ago. The main attraction of this event is a competition between groups of "novice" adventurers; each one representing a different city. The group will be the team representing Arcadia.

I am looking for a group of about 5-6 players. I prefer non evil characters. They aren't banned, but I will need to be convinced to allow it.

So what do you need to send me for an rtj?

character name:


Character concept: just a sentence or phrase that sums your character up.

desired build: What you want your character to be able to do. the more precise with this you are the better, but you don't have to get crazy. I'm somewhat new to pathfinder and this will be my first game DMing a Pathfinder game so I'm not familiar with all the classes and builds yet. this will give me a better idea of how your character will work in the game and help me make it fun and challenging for everyone. Also something I do in all my games is give characters signature items. the better idea of what you want your character to be capable off, the better I will be able to tailor the item to you.

Short background: you don't need to write me out a full blown short story. Just a paragraph or two that gives me an idea of who your character is.

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