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Mr. Main
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Mon 22 Oct 2012
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the test of wits.
In the test of wits section what looks like a small house made out of translucent walls is appearing. it seems various illusion spells are being combined to create the image of a small cottage.

"Will all those competing in the test of wits please gather over here. the rules in this are somewhat different. Each of you will try to obtain an item from a volunteer. The item is an emblem. The team that scores the highest on this trial will get to keep it. Now we just have to decide attempt order. we could draw lots or if any of you have a better suggestion we could go with that."
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Wed 24 Oct 2012
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Re: the test of wits.
Tamalie is so excited, that she is jogging over to the illusionary house when asked to gather over. Her hands are clenching from her nerves, and shaking with the rush of being here, something she's been dreaming about since a child.

She looks to her closest competitor, and tries to speak softly, "Oh this is going to be so fun! This is my first time competing in the festival! By the way I'm Tamalie, what's your name?"

She misses the part about drawing lots, or offering other suggestions in her haste to talk with the directions are being given.