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World Info
The game world is pretty large. It's a campaign setting I've been using for years and each new campaign or game I make more or less adds to it. You really won't need to know much about the world at large, since the first half of the game will take place on the small continent that the Arcadia Alliance occupies. I doubt much if anything of the other kingdoms or continents will come up. So I'll provide some basic info on other major powers and recent history. If you feel you need to know more for some reason PM me or have your character make knowledge checks depending on what it is you want to know. There is a world map, but I suck at drawing. Once I can make one that isn't as crappy I'll see about posting it. there is no real map, as of yet, for the Arcadian Alliance. But I have a pretty good idea in my head of where everything is and I will probably get around to making a map of it soon. It will be posted once I have it.

More to come stay tuned.
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Re: World Info
Major world nations

Vehlar Empire:
Currently viewed as the worlds top military power. It has a large well trained and equipped standing army most of which has seen some action. Honor, Valor and dedication are what they value the most. They are always ready to accept a fair challenge. Any Vehlar that doesn't is looked down upon. While they are among the most diverse of nations culturally they are prejudiced against many types of Demi-humans (particularly goblins, orcs, gnolls, kobolds and lizard men).

After a full century of decline due to many factors they have started to regain their influence and power. Slurvosk controls the largest territory of any of the powers and through conscription can raise the largest army. They value ambition and cunning most of all. Their history is full of political maneuvering, backstabbing and coups. Since their territory is so large governors of provinces are practically kings in their own right though none dare to openly defy their monarch king Desmond. Slurvosk is the only major nation that allows slavery.

A very long chain of mostly volcanic islands far to the east. Known for it's sailors and spice trade. It is home to the famous East-Wind trading company. In every port around the world you can pretty much be sure to see an Aseatician ship. Vastly independent each captain is king of his own boat and each island it's own nation. How they manage to organize themselves to form the worlds largest and most powerful navy when no captain is willing to take orders from another is not known.

The youngest and smallest of the major nations. Mercuria exploded onto the world scene as a major power within the last 50 years. Their influence is not derived from military power, trade or even a strategic location. Instead they've made a name for themselves as middle men, advisers, bankers and diplomats. They are also an innovative nation and are often among the first to adopt or develop new technologies.
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Re: World Info
Other places of Interest

The Twin Republics of Endeavor and Ardor:
Near the end of devastating war between Vehlar and Slurvosk 250 years ago the peasants who lived on the borders of the two powers along the strategical important Verdant Straits decided they had enough and rose up in a successful rebellion. After the war ended the two newly created nations were allowed to maintain their independence so long as they maintained and protected the Verdant Straits to ensure all trade ships had free use of it.

The most recent addition to the Vehlar empire. 50 years ago the large northern island kingdom (It's a little larger than Greenland) was in the middle of a bloody civil war in which all of the ruling family and most of the nobles had destroyed each other. During this chaos a race of Demi-humans known as the Verynpelk attacked from the frozen wastes and mountains and other harsh lands humans had not settled at the northern end of the island. With their large and well organized army, and no real enemy to oppose them, they burned, slaughtered and conquered much of the island. Just as their complete conquest of the island seemed imminent an army from the Vehlar Empire landed and after a year of fierce fighting managed to drive them back. Reclaiming the lower 2/3 of the island. Ever since Norsyn has been more or less under Vehlar's control.

Literally the most recent kingdom in history. It was created by Pwyll Peddler, the son of a merchant who after a brief adventuring career became a mercenary captain, at the end of a war between a coalition of small kingdoms with the order of the bleeding sun. It is a kingdom of mercenaries, for mercenaries, by mercenaries controlled by Pwyll and his band. It is a land of true freedom. Meaning there are few laws and you can do pretty much what you want, even set your self on fire while singing rowdy bar songs way off key, so long as you don't disrupt other peoples business.

Scruff's Island:
It is a large island in the middle of the the large inland sea that separates Vehlar and Slurvosk. (Will try to get the world map posted soon so you can get a better idea) It was of great strategic importance during the war between those two nation 250 years ago. Near it's end one man, seemingly a half-elf and a powerful warrior simply known as Scruff, walked into the middle of the largest battle the island had seen yet and defeated both sides. He then proceeded to drive the remnants of both armies from the island before claiming it as his own. He still rules it to this day despite being nearly 300 years old.

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Re: World Info
Some events in the world's history.

340-250 years ago Vehlar and Slurvosk are at war. There are a lot of accusations on both sides about who started the war and why. However, most historians agree it was really over control of the Verdant Straits and several islands within the large sea that separates the two countries. Total control over these islands as well as the Straits would have give one power a choke hold over trade and sea travel. The successful rebellions in what would become the twin republics, the humilitating defeat on 'scruff's island', war fatigue on both sides and several other factors cause the two nation to finally sit down at the negotiation table and create a peace treaty.

200 years ago The Arcadian Accords are signed and the Arcadian Alliance is formed to deal with the rise of several threats all the city-states face. Though the major cities are still technically rivals, their cooperation in securing their territory, resources and trade routes against outside threats and the adoption of a single legal code greatly benefits them all. Allowing for an economic boom and the undertaking of large infrastructure projects like road and aqueduct creation.

150 years ago: The ancient Empire of Solakis finally falls after centuries of decline, civil unrest, mad demon worshiping tyrants and poor strategic decisions. As the invading "barbarian" armies are joined by slaves and the empires own poor and downtrodden masses the last Sovereign the great Daemon lord Usiel sacrificed his life and soul as well as those of his heirs to bring down a devastating powerful firestorm that burned the kingdom to the ground and turned it into a desolate wasteland that nothing was able to live in for the next fifty years. A few members of the more powerful noble familes managed to escape and spent the next century preparing to take back what was theirs; creating the order of the bleeding sun.

50 years ago: As Mercuria is starting to make a name for it's self the Verynpelk overrun Norsyn. To counter the threat that these Demi-humans pose and to save the citizen of Norsyn from complete slaughter Vehlar mobilizes an army and invades Norsyn. Vehlar forces manage to defeat the Verynpelk armies and drive them back but are unable to reclaim all of the last territory. A full third of the Island remains under Verypelk control.

20 years ago: the second Verynpelk invasion begins with several surprise attacks by small, highly mobile and powerful platoons of Verynpelk Soldiers and Berserkers. Caught off guard the Verynpelk manage to crush much of the Vehlar command. left all but leaderless the remaining Vehlar forces put up a valiant fight, but are slowly but surely driven south to the sea. Finally reinforcements led by General Bellic Usuar arrive and crush the Verynpelk armies. Bellic, a paladin, is so outraged by the seemingly wanton slaughter and cruelty of the beasts that he continues north and begins a campaign of genocide. Doing his best to make sure every last Verynpelk is killed, costing him his powers as a paladin. However he is stopped before he can finish the task, when his subordinates point out that eradicating the beats out won't bring back the dead, but by putting the soldiers and supplies to better use helping to rebuild the living can be saved and their homes rebuilt. He relents. Vehlar now controls 4/5 of the island and Bellic is now the new Governor of the province. Norsyn has just finished fully recovering from latest Verynpelk war.

Ten years ago: A group of archeologists found an ancient outpost for an unknown empire in a part of Arcadian alliance territory known as the blasted lands featuring large sections of glass, melted stone, craters and bizarre and unnatural geological phenomena. Inside the outpost were a large number of what the scholars thought were deactivated golems, but instead turned out to be living constructs called "warforged". These warforged had control collars in place that forced them into subservience. However when one of the researchers discovered that they were actually sentient he destroyed the device that empowered the collars setting them free. The warforged still call that outpost home and most of them still reside there, but large numbers have left to explore the world and gather information about it that they can bring back to their "kin". The outpost is now named Forge Town and is recognized as part of the Arcadian Alliance, but has not be granted full membership as of yet for two reason. The first being that the alliance is unsure what to make of the warforged and the second is that the warforged feel the same way about the alliance.

Seven years ago: The order of the bleeding sun mobilizes a huge army of Demi-humans and leads an invasion of the lands their ancestors once controlled. the vast horde quickly overruns many smaller kingdoms which are unable to check the power and ferocity of the Order's inhuman army. Several of them are laid to waste. Mercuria steps in and organizes a coalition lead by General Ravelin, Mercuria's top general and one of the world greatest military minds. He manages to draw the bulk f the demi-human horde into a siege of a powerful and well stocked castle while he launches the majority of what left of the coalitions forces, supplemented by mercenary bands including Pwyll's famous Death peddlers, to re conquer the lands the order has overrun and cut their horde off from supplies, reinforcement and communication.

Five years ago: The demi-human horde laying siege loses discipline because of supply and morale issues. Many of the various clans and tribes turn on each other or flee. Allowing the garrison of the fortress to route them. Meanwhile Pwyll's Death Peddlers Prove to be far more formidable than anyone ever expected. Their special squads help to spear head most battles by wreaking havoc in the order's rank and file troops, killing their leadership, infiltrating and taking over key defensive positions as well as undermining the orders already strained alliances.

three years ago: As the various members of the coalition begin posturing to secure the best spoils and territory through political maneuvering and debate Pwyll takes it upon himself to end the war. He leads a massive assault on the order's base of operations in the heart of the wasteland that used to be the kingdom of Solakis. After defeating them he declares himself king of Dyfed and claims the rest of the lands the order had won, that the coalition had not yet reconquered. With the help of General Ravelin the Coalition agrees to this on the condition that Pwyll agrees that these lands are adequate compensation. Most of the Coalition hoped that Pwyll's new kingdom would soon fail and that they can move in to claim the lands. However Pwyll and his band have proven to be more than up the the challenge of building a new nation and are thriving much to General Ravelin's amusement and Pride. Unbeknownst to much of the coalition Pwyll had been at one time a student of the Generals.

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Re: World Info
The major cities in the Arcadian Alliance are:
Nova Spera

Is a mining town located in the center of the only mountain range in Arcadian Alliance territory. It is a few days ride from Arcadia itself. It is a major acquirer and refiner of all sorts of ores, gems, coal and other natural resources. It has a high dwarf population. Also recently a good number of warforged have begun to make their way here to work. the is only a single Inn in the town and almost all the citizens are laborers, craftsmen, alchemists or engineers. The town's people are generally gruff, but as long as you work and earn your keep you are accepted.

Situated in the middle of vast grasslands Urdesh is the Alliances agricultural center and bread basket. Farmers, ranchers, animal trainers and all sorts of other related professions make sure to come to Urdesh after harvests to sell their goods and pick up needed tools and supplies.

Nova Spera:
Is one of the three major port cities in the Alliance and the oldest city in the alliance. Used to be the continents trade center while Arcadia was still nothing but a rest stop for river boats carrying goods, but when the major trading companies realized the benefits of using Arcadia as shipping hub because of it's strategic position where the Ranallis river splits they moved their headquarters there. Turning Arcadia into the great city it is today.

Another of the three major port cities in the Alliance. It's population is divided evenly amongst elves, humans, desecration and a slight skew given to the gnomish populace. Most of its economy is devoted to engineering of several different kinds of advanced magically enhanced ships which are highly sought after. The use of these ships has for the most part kept Arcadia off limits to other world powers and Raiders on the open seas.

the last of the three major port cities. It is known through out the world as the home of hedonism. Almost any desire can be sated there for a price. Although the city is ruled by a monarch, he is mostly just a figure head. The true leaders are the heads of the five largest "Resorts" who keep the money flowing. Each of these resorts employs their own small army and these private forces make up the bulk of the town's "guards".

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Re: World Info

Is a large city of normally about 22,000 people. During the festival though it swells up to around 30,000. Running though the city are a series of canals fed by the Rannalis river.

With a DC 10 gather info, knowledge local or diplomacy check you can know the following

the city has both a mayor and a town council. the mayor takes care of the majority of the city's administrative needs, however major decisions with lasting effects, like tax rates, new laws, construction projects, ect. are made by the town council.

Notables of the City:

Robert Sterling: Mayor of Arcadia, he has 5 years left in his ten year term also head of the town council (The mayor is automatically head of the council).

Percival Orland: member of the town council and head of the order of knighthood known as the radiant dawn.

'Sir' Silas Wade: Commander of the town guard and member of the town council.

Bishop Marcelio Falconne: Head of the temple of the divines (the largest temple in the city where most major gods have a shrine) and member of the town council.

Lydia Agripa Galla: Archmage and chancellor of the renown Arcadian Academy of Arcana as well as a member of the town council.

Brutus Dirklyn: Master of a the Dominus trading company and a member of the town council

Kyo Yamada: Regional director of the east wind trading company and a member of the town council

Alice Kern: One of the owners of Martin and Kern Outfitters and a member of the town council

Steven Brown: Citizen's spokesman (currently in year 3 of his 4 year term)

Notable locals:

temple of the divines: largest temple in the city. It has shrines inside dedicated to many gods.

the graveyard of swords: the tomb of the legendary paladin Roland and the home of the order of the radiant dawn. the tomb occupies the central courtyard of the radiant dawn's head quarters.

the divide: What the locals call the island in the middle of the Ranallis river near where it splits. The town hall, library and records hall and head quarters for the town guard are all on this island.

Heart of Arcadia: the town square where festivals, elections, important discussions, town decrees and various other matters of import are held. It is easily accessible from every part of the city and all the canals eventually lead back here.

Archibald's Arena: A large Arena (similar to the Colosseum or Flavian ampitheater in Rome) Which was created by the fifth head of the Arcadian Academy of Arcana to fulfill his love of blood games. Through use of powerful Transmutation and Illusion magic the terrain of the theater can be changed to fit virtually any scenario and allows every spectator to have a good view. Full scale Gladiator style games have been banned for nearly a hundred years, but duels, animal fights, Non-lethal wargames and other sorts of events are still regularly held there.

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