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Mr. Main
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Sun 24 May 2015
at 23:54
Martin & Kern Outfitters.
It is Slow going for Aden and Yanyeeku. The streets are crowded filled with fans, merchants, shoppers, performers and the occasional guard. The duo are occasionally stopped as people recognize Aden and either congratulate him or Advice him that the games aren't over yet and he shouldn't underestimate some other team or some member of another team. More often then not the member named is Red.

Eventually Aden and Yanyeeku manage to enter Martin & Kerns. Only to find it full. It looks like all the sales people are currently busy. But the store is open enough for you to browse a bit on your own while you wait.

OOC: please make Perception checks
Aden Bero
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Mon 25 May 2015
at 14:03
Re: Martin & Kern Outfitters.
09:02, Today: Aden Bero rolled 17 using 1d20+6. perception.

Aden looks around the store, hoping to find a scroll of comprehend languages, but letting his eyes take in other sights.
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Mon 25 May 2015
at 14:09
Re: Martin & Kern Outfitters.
Yanyeeku looked around carefully, eyes peeled for anything useful, particularly the scroll they had come for.

00:09, Today: Yanyeeku rolled 22 using 1d20+8. Perception.

Mr. Main
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Mon 25 May 2015
at 14:36
Re: Martin & Kern Outfitters.
You guys quickly find the listings of available scrolls. It seems there are a couple ledgers near the main counter. There are a few people currently looking through the three ledgers. You recognize a couple of them as members from other teams. there is a lone human looking through one of the ledgers, a gnome and a human looking through the second, and the last one is being browsed by a half-elf you don't recognize. Probably just your ordinary customer. OOC: wisdom or intelligence checks to remember their names. since there aren't many gnomes in the games the DC to remember his name will be much lower than the others.