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The Divide.
 A Large barren hunk of Granite forms small island in the middle of of where the Renalis, the river that flows through Arcadia, splits. The Locals call it the divide. At one point a massive fort had been built upon it. Now however the center of the Arcadian Government. The Town Council, Library and hall of records, the headquarters for the Town Guard and the Mayoral Mansion can be found here. Most of the officials, clerks, and other bureaucratic types all have a desk somewhere on this island. And it is here that the group heads to next so that safia can claim the possessions of her dead friend Jace.

AS the group approaches they can see two guards standing in front of the entrance to the Guard HQ. Next to them just in front of the entrance is what looks like a desk and some sort of Fortified closet.

As you near one of the guards addresses Safia "Welcome back. and I see you've brought friends. Well I'm sure you know the drill by now, but I have to say it anyway. Before you enter you must leave all your weapons here. we will write out a receipt and you can claim them once you leave. that goes for everyone who wants to enter."  Another guard moves behind the desk and starts taking out a pad of paper so he can write out a receipt for your weapons. As he does so the first guard starts handing out a little card to each of you it reads: "Unauthorized use of magic is prohibited inside Guard headquarters and all other governmental facilities. Each Guard member is allowed to use their discretion in dealing with and responding to unauthorized castings."