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1, 2 skip a few... Summary thread.
OOCWill be posting the summary here. The first part is coming right up. When the summary is finished I will create a new thread called End Game and that's when we start back up. hopefully we will get there soon.

End of day 3:

Morien get's taken away and questioned as Safia is informed her eldest brother was seriously injured and is in critical condition.

 Another brutal murder has been discovered. This time it seems it was a wanderer of some kind; possibly an adventurer. The oddest part of the murder was that not only had the individual been tortured a Zsasz had been shoved up his ass while he was still alive. It was found still inside the body when the corpse was examined. The victim had also been poisoned. Eye witness accounts mentioned a warrior in full plate matching morien's description wandering around the area. Safia discovers that her brother had been stabbed and poisoned as well. Not to far from the scene of the murder.

Day 4: The event for day 4 is what is called the Platform battle. It is a free for all battle-royale on raised platforms spaced 10 feet from each other. Points are awarded based upon member elimination and team elimination as well as being the last teams remaining. most points awarded to last team standing. Half of that number of points is awarded to second to last team and a quarter that number to the third team. Each person eliminated by a member of your team earns 50 points. Each team eliminated (taking out the last member of that team) by a member of your team nets your team 100 points. Special bonus points awarded for most members eliminated and most teams eliminated. As well as the council can choose an MVP that team gets 100 points and the crowd can pick most entertaining player and that team gets 100 points as well.

The teams gang up on team arcadia right from the get go. First darkness envelops the group and then The other teams all focus fire and destroy the pillar team Arcadia's starting platform is on. Aden, Safia and Dustil all make a mad dash for the edge, but Morien is a little to slow to react and falls with the platform.  as the group goes to jump they feel a strong wind blowing them back. Only Dustil's leap is powerful enough to look just barely make it. But as his hand goes to grab the ledge. He feels a sudden pain in his arm and can't grab it. Red tips his hat as Dustil falls.

After team arcadia gets eliminated the event degrades into a true chaotic  free-for-all. Thryka and Nova-Spera go after Team Elgavasa while team forge town moves to engage the closest team. while moving for the center. Team urdrak also moves for the center while red snipes out individuals and tries to steal team eliminations by taking the last shot on nearly eliminated teams. Thunk goes down fast under a coordinated assault of spells and ranged attacks. pically manages to get to the center first, but gets taken out by Red. team thryka and Nova-Spera seem to have some sort of non aggressive pact, until  Adrian turns on them,  while they are in the midst of fighting team forge town.

 He casts a spell (spellcraft check DC 17 to know he cast shatter) The metal socket that connects the platform to it's wooden pedestal suddenly breaks into a thousand shards of metal. With Nova-Spera and Forge-town's unevenly distributed weight the platform starts tipping. The two lighter members of team forge town react quickly enough to manage to make it to other platforms before it falls, but all of Nova-Spera and the other half of forge-town all fall and are eliminated. The last two members of team forge-town look down to see their fallen comrades and then out of nowhere  They suddenly find a rhino charging them from behind and knocking them off. The rhino reverts back and it is Jon from team Urdark.

Team Thryka manages to finish off the rest of team Elgavasa, but not before revard Janos, who was playing unconscious, manages to catch Adrian of team thryka off guard with a devastating double stab into the liver and kidneys. Adrian falls and revard follows soon after, but the fight is winding down. With Jon's powerful shape shifting abilities, Red's remarkable marksmanship and Rakia's keen magical support (the other two members of team Urdrak having been eliminated, it is not long before they win. though Team thryka does manage to take out Raika before finally losing. The Crowd loved the brutal and chaotic melee and roars louder than they have ever before.

Team Urdrak gets the most points. Not only did they survive until the last. They managed to snag the most team eliminations and were tied for most member eliminations due to Red's well timed sniping.

Team Thyrka comes in second and ties for most member eliminations due to Adrian's clever  underhanded tactics and well timed betrayals.

Team Elgavasa comes in third and After a rather long discussion the Council awards MVP to Pically of team Elgavasa.

Most entertaining player goes to Cleave whose odd but inventive and scathing trash talk earned a lot of laughs. Much of which gets repeated over and over after the event has ended.

 Just about every team got some points; except Team Arcadia. It was clear the other teams seeing Arcadia as the biggest threat eliminated them first.
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1, 2 skip a few... Summary thread.
Day Five. The last of the competitions; The Great Race. Every team has to trek from Arcadia to Drakden, making a couple check points along the way. And then once in Drakden they need to climb half way to the outer entrance to the Dwarven Shrine on mount Dargoden, grab a flag with their team name on it and then bring said flag all the way back to the Heart of Arcadia. The first team to arrive wins. The teams leave in order from lowest score to highest score. Each team has an hour to prepare before before they are all to gather in the Heart of Arcadia for the start of the race.

Going to summarize the race as well. But after consulting Mr P. Will give you time to PM me any additional mundane equipment or lesser magic items (ie potions, scrolls, ect) or the like you want to have on you before you leave. Let me know what you get and how you think it'll help. I will consider it in how that effects the summary. Again basically we are fast forwarding to the final fight, but filling you in on stuff along the way so you're not completely out of depth on what happened.
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1, 2 skip a few... Summary thread.
The group arrived at the heart of Arcadia and the order of departure and the final rules of the race were announced. No items, spells, mounts, vehicles or other objects and powers that allow teleportation or flight.

It was a break neck endurance test which the Forgetown team had the advantage on. They were able to push on through the night while everyone else had to stop for a rest. However preparation, deception, grit and luck evened things out and the other teams were able to catch up; except Elgavasa. They were suspiciously absent on the second day. everyone found out on the final day when Elgavasa ambushed the lead team on the road; attempting to steal their flag. It slowed the first team down considerably and as other teams who were hot on their heels started catching up it became an all out running battle between all the teams. Doing their best to slow, snare, trip, destroy flags and other such measures. That is until Arcadia came into sight after coming around the bend of the road as it skirts the edge of the elves forest. Arcadia was engulfed in such a heavy and dark fog that it seemed more like a spider's Egg Sac. Normally there would be a crowd gathered outside the gates with banners and such Cheering for their favorite teams as the finished the race. But there was no one. And everyone felt a cold icy dread spread through them. It started slowly from the backs of their necks and spread down their spines and then out into their limbs, finger and toes. It chilled and numbed you. It was as if a wave of fear and despair had washed over you/ You couldn't explain it. It was instinct. No simple deduction or leaps of inductive reasoning could tell you what had happened or how you knew the City was in a desperate crisis that threatened it's very existence.

 All of you stopped and stared at the city for a while... and then all of you ran. Every team. Exhausted, confused and some even wounded; yet everyone ran harder than they had ever before. Towards Arcadia. You were adventurers after all. Whatever your reasons, your motivations or goals. All of you risked life and limb by challenging the unknown; the dark and dangerous places. Places where fear, despair and death waited. Hovering. Fluttering about your heads. Whispering, taunting and testing you before finally embracing you like a long lost lover. Dragging friends, dreams and ambitions into the shadowy, shapeless, shiftless oblivion that awaited after death. No words, glances or signs where exchanged. None were needed. None of you would let it take Arcadia.
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1, 2 skip a few... Summary thread.
 Morien felt a terrible weight press into the pit of his stomach as he saw the enveloping darkness. It felt all too familiar. Had the daemons of his past followed him here, to the resplendent halls of the southern lands?

  or was it the malevolence that has been plaguing this city like a malignant pustule finally boiling to the surface?

 Morien charged onward, weapon drawn. His first instinct was to find and protect the people he had come to know.
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Re: 1, 2 skip a few... Summary thread.
Dustil was a little tired. The race had been grueling and only gotten worse when the in-fighting started (or team fighting as the case may be). But he was actually a bit more trained for long periods of activity and exercise, so he wasn't as winded as he could be, as some others might be.

At the sight of the city not really being in sight, Dustil slowed to a confused stop. He frowned as he gazed at the thick fog, lack of crowd, and something felt wrong. He shivered slightly and shook his head. "this is bad."

He gathered up his will, took a long pull from his flask, and then forced his body back in to motion once more. He pushed the confusion and tiredness away for the moment. He focused on movement, his own and watching for any as they got closer to the city. What was going on? Where was everyone? And why had it waited until all the adventurer teams had left the city?
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Re: 1, 2 skip a few... Summary thread.
Some bullet points covering what you find and what has occurred in the city while you are gone and what happened after you entered it leading up to the final boss fight.

The city is covered in a deep and ominous fog that fills you with unease. It also seems to block diviniation magic and all forms of supernatural healing. It fills you with the sort of quiet dread you felt as a child thinking there was a monster under the bed or in the closet. As you walk about you hear eerie sounds that almost sound like the forlorn cries of lonely and scared children abandoned somewhere on these streets. One of your fellow contestants tries to rush off after one of those cries but get's held back by another. "will-o-wisps" he states as an explanation. The various teams uncertain what to do stick together at first and cautiously  move down the streets to the heart of Arcadia. You occasionally see bodies or men, women and animals on the ground. All dead. Some from vicious wounds, other with burns and some from gods know what.

 after a while someone notices what looks like a child hunched down behind an overturned street stall. One of the members of team Nova spera moves to the child to speak with them and calls out to him to not be afraid. the child slowly turns and in it's mouth is a hand. It's face is a ghastly and gaunt gray. It screams and charges at him. While it does so more figures start to shamble out of the fog. your first thought is zombies, but then when the charge they seem to have to much agility for that. Plus they don't just randomly attack. They seem to coordinate with each other "Ghouls! someone calls out. During the middle of this fight everyone can hear the flapping of wings and the Cawing of crows as well and the screeching of rats. A swarm of rats and a flock of birds descend on the group, but they mostly seem to focus their attention on Morien. A raspy and ragged sounding voice seems to echo through out the fight. "Doom follows you <i>Frost lord<i>!" The title filled with sarcasm and hate. "And I am it's agent! I was your downfall long ago and nothing could make me happier than to be your end once again!"

The various teams manage to fight together and expose the source of the voice. It is an old Orc withered into a state of undeath, yet still somehow alive. Just as the teams have him cornered several cries resound. The teams turn and see Jack with both of his mind blades driven deep into both of Revard Janos's Kidneys. "Sorry, but you were the most dangerous of our group. Had to take you out first, just business jack comments as revard falls to the floor. As that happens Thunk grabs his head and screams before hollaring in extreme rage he charges Emma snow and cleaves her clean in half while she looks on shocked and surprised. Kern turns to Pically and exclaims "what did you do!" Pically shakes his head "They have Tamalie and they promised to keep her safe and make her mine if I did as they asked. Now protect me as you vowed to my father you would."

Elgavasa isn't the only team with traitors on it. Jon and Jarvis walker from team Urdrak turn on their team mates as well. Jon changing shape into some sort of massive lizard and biting Rick doller in half before swallowing his still screaming top half whole and then tail slaps Red into a wall while letting out a loud and ferocious roar. Red get's up but is in no position to help the other member of their party, Reika the Red Eye, as Jarvis cuts his fellow dwarf down at the knee from behind.

Meanwhile Adrian, Aden's long time rival, unleashes a powerful blast of dark energy on all those surrounding him. Many from his team already weakened by the fight with the ghouls, rats, crows, and the Orc Necromancer fall to the ground. he then laughs and calls out a challenge to Aden to face him like a man and finally prove which one of them is superior. Leaving what's left of his team to the near by raging barbarian.

As if on cure the Orc casts a spell and traps Team Nova Spera in a wall of ice.

Stalwart of Team Forge-town moves to engage the raging and out of control Thunk as cleave charges the wall of ice and starts trying to hack nova spera free while they also struggle to get outside. Rat and dog Move to engage pically to try and end whatever spell it was he cast on Thunk, but are intercepted by Kern and Jack. Red Runs around dodging Jon's onslaught as he tries fires at jarvis trying to assist Reika.

Aden moves to fight Adrian Using his well known tactic of obscuring mist and then throwing javelins. But Adrian is ready and After Aden casts obscruing mist Adrian then casts darkness on Aden and then moves into it moving to make the fight into his specialty of close quarters and away from Aden's of range and misdirection. Morien moves to finish the fight with the Orc Emerion as Dustil, Safia and Draz'gar Feel free to tell me where you would fight so I can make this summary a little more accurate and finish it

After the sudden but inevitable betrayal what's left of the teams decide to split up. Jon Jones and Pically escaped while the other traitors were brought down. The cost of the fight was great. Thunk was slain because the group was unable to free him of whatever caused him to go Beserk and he was to dangerous to try and save. Reika, rick doller, Revard janos, Emma frost, All of team thryka and Carl Darren of team nova spera. Only team forge-town and Arcadia managed to survive without any losses. Though all are in rough shape.

The group finds out that the night after they left the fog suddenly appeared and a large tower appeared with it. unleashing undead and other creatures of the night into the city. The population was evacuated to the the temple of the divines, the citadel in the center of the river, the academy or taken out on ships in the docs. The guard, the black-swords and the paladins did their best to try and clear the city and save the civilians. Infact the paladins of the radiant dawn even fully mobilized into the city leaving scant few back in their own base. later they found out that the tower belongs to a powerful vampire and gathered what forces they could to besiege it. They are still in the mists of that battle.

The group stops by the drunken monkey to find the door bashed in, but the tavern completely barren of any casualties. Later on the team finds out that bear headed dustil's warning and never let the girls travel alone. he died saving Feleece from an attacker. he had told her if anything happens to him to grab the money from the safe get the other girls and get out of town. they all followed his advice.

The temple of many mysterious had been attacked while the group was out. Some unknown invisible force grabbed Shela Azarn, the elderly prophetess of Flame, and dragged her by her hair while she was wreathed in fire and screaming in pain and terror through the halls. Luckily Tarin the young adventurer managed to delay whatever it was long enough for the Owner of the temple the dwarf Origen the prophet of stone to come and destroy whatever it was that had grabbed her. Unfortunately the effort cost the young man his life.

While venturing further into the city Safia saw smoke rising from a familiar direction and with Dread in her heart ran to hewitt's haven to see the tree had been charred. She rushed inside and her heart was broken. In the middle of a magic circle made of blood the old gnome was laying face down dead. Obviously tortured to death. Stabbed into his back was a note written in the gnomes blood. "You stole from me Safia! So now I steal from you." upon inspecting the gnomes corpse she noticed that the hold time he had been protecting a book. it was titled the Stars of Destiny.

 Upon reading it Safia learned a few things. first was that the author had a theory that those who really shaped the world and pushed the scales of fate towards the general good were not the heroes, kings, and other great figures. But those common and simple people in the background whose simple kindness and small selfless acts gave the would be hero's, kings and great people the gentle taps, moments of respite, and golden opportunities to become great. like the kindhearted waitress who lends an ear, or the knowing smith who gives young adventurers discounts on good gear so the can survive, an old mentor who help expand minds, sometimes maybe even a local con-man. They are everywhere and are special without ever knowing it. But If these people are killed in a particular manner. A Brutal and evil ritual which uses pain, fear and regret to twist their souls. They rise as a dreadful kind of demon; An Akuma. A being whose sole purpose is to bring pain and suffering to those who were once close to them and to seek out other stars and create more of their own kind.

 Safia realized the Feleece, Hewitt and Jace where stars. The attack on Feleece was probably intended to turn her into an Akuma, but when that failed they switched targets and made Jace one instead. Somehow Hewitt must of connected it and was going to show Safia what he had learned when Jace the Akuma came calling. He murdered Hewitt and tried to turn him into an Akuma, but she could tell from the way he died protecting the book that Jace failed to break the gnome. She also learned that there was no way to save such a soul once lost. All they could do was end it's threat.

The temple of the divines was also attacked and hand traitors as well. though their were many casualties the priests managed to protect their charges and drive off the assailants and proved to be a safe place for people to find refuge.

The citadel in the divide is under constant assault. They somehow managed to keep the various evil and undead creatures at bay and protect the citizen who fled to them for safety, but they don't know for how much longer they can hold out.

Morien finds the blackfrost seers have all been brutally slain.

The group tracks down and destroys the Akuma Jace and helps the paladins assault the tower. Apparently something destroyed all the purification charms, they town wasn't able to replace them as quickly as they were destroyed and as soon as the water because polluted enough and was no longer effective as a ward the vampires tower appeared. The group helps the paladins reach the upper levels of the tower when there is a huge earthquake. The paladins and visable worried. "I pray that my dread is not true and that this was all just a diversion. Only a depraved mad man would scheme this. We must finish this vampire and free this city of the mist before it is entirely consumed." he asks you to go and check up on the graveyard of swords. It might be nothing, or it could be the end of everything.

You lot all rush to the headquarters of the radiant dawn only to see a massacre of the remaining paladins. The graveyard has been desecrated many paladins lay. one of the senior knights left isn't dead, but has had his leg and an arm cut off and is close to death. he has spent who knows how long trying to crawl to the once concealed stair case with nothing but a dagger in his hand. leaving a trail of blood from the gates all the way across the graveyard. he explains to you that the graveyard, and even the clean pure water in the canals, so really the whole city as most know it, is a giant seal for an ancient terror the founder of the order fought. he could not kill it so he sealed it below ground with his holy sword. Ever since the sword of a fallen paladin and that paladin's soul has been used to maintain the seal and strengthen it. Please they went to release it and he is sure that the old man will try and stop them alone...

The group rushes down the stairs into the bowels of the earth and find a man and a heavily armored woman standing before a sword  stabbed into the ground. Laying on the ground behind them practically cut to pieces is the old man from the infirmary. he had tried to stop them and would not give up. "I must applaud the old man. He was quite persistent. He kept interrupting the ritual no matter how many times we thought we had struck him down. So we needed to cut off all his limbs and then pin in him place." The man seemed pleasant and even affable despite saying something so cruel. "Do you wanna know why this ancient terror is here? it's because it was guarding the gate. The Gate to the Ma'ndo Fortress. Their home base on this plane. A place of great relics, artifacts, engines of war and much worse. Sorry I need something from their and this was the only way I could get in while leaving their shields up to stop the others. They made this thing you know. it was one of their great warbeasts. I'll leave it to you to contain. I hope you succeed, I'd hate to see the entire country destroyed." he said as he pulled out the sword and the ancient beast stirred. it was a huge formless writhing mass of shadow that seemed to lack a real physical form. As it lashed about causing the underground chamber to shake and bits of the ceiling and walls to crumble and fall he walked right through it into a small portal which opened as he raised what looked like a key. It shrunk behind him leaving only a small bright pulsing orb of light.

OOC ok I will make the actually end game thread tomorrow. Feel free to react to anything mentioned above though.

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Re: 1, 2 skip a few... Summary thread.
 Morien glares at the orc and advances on him with his blade held high, forcing him back into an alleyway, somewhere cramped enough that numbers would make little difference and area of effect attacks would do nothing. There, he could drive a blade through this pathetic creature!

 This orc knew him... he wanted answers but knew he would get nothing of value or accuracy from this wretch so he did not ask.


 He knelt by each of the Seers when he found them dead. He placed their bodies in a position of repose before searching the tent for the prize he had been promised (a shard of broken sword). Upon finding it (or being sure that it's no longer there), Morien sets the tent ablaze. The Seers deserved a Northlander funeral pyre, at the very least.
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Re: 1, 2 skip a few... Summary thread.
In reply to Morien (msg # 7):

Dragar screams in rage and draws his sword and charges the armored woman.

" What sacrilege is conceived here. "