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Fri 23 Mar 2012
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There are a couple campaign specific gods, I will probably get to posting their basic information later, but in general it doesn't really have any impact on the game. You can find a cult to just about anything in game. So if you like the new pathfinder gods, prefer greyhawks, love forgotten realms or any other pantheon you can choose to have your character worship any of them. You can even create your own gods if you want. Hell you can even pull something from the order of the stick and worship the sock-puppet god banjo or whatever. Granted depending on your god and how open you are about how you worship it people might react to you differently, but that's more of an Rp thing.
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Sat 24 Mar 2012
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Re: Gods
Some campaign specific gods. They have no real impact on the game other than just some background RP stuff.

God of Valor, Tactics, battlefields and Martial arts. One of the twin gods of war. His dogma revolves around the belief that Life and all it's challenges must be met head on with out regard to the consequences because those are what define an individual. He himself was once tricked into insulting his brother and was challenged by Stragos to a duel. Vahlyn killed his brother in single combat.
Symbol: a bastard sword raised in challenge
His best friend/pet a Great Silver Wyrm became the legendary bastard sword Vahlaryn for his duel with his brother.

God of Victory, Strategy, Campaigns and Diplomacy. One of the twin gods of war. His Dogma is centered around the belief that life is a campaign and needs to be treated as such. Unlike Vahlyn, he believes that the consequences of our actions, not the challenges faced, are what defines an individual. He was slain by his brother in single combat, but rose a few days later with new insight and the key to true victory which he might share with you if you are worthy.
Symbol: A chipped great axe
His Pet a Great red Wyrm became the Infamous great axe Strag for his duel with his brother.

God of strength, perseverance and the lost. A god favored by barbarians and explorers. His dogma centers around the idea that endurance and determination  are everything. there is no problem, challenge, obstacle or goal that can't be reached if you have the stubbornness to just keep at it until it yields. A second piece of dogma is known as Oon's postulate. It simply states as long as you keep going forward you'll eventually find something that will lead you to your destination. As such it is not uncommon for Priests of Oon to get lost.
Symbol: A bent adamantine object, usually a spoon.