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Fri 23 Mar 2012
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City creation: OOC/ cooperative
Whether it's for your character development activities or you just feel like putting more stuff into the city feel free to post and discuss it here. Not everything will make it as part of the city, but there is always room for interesting things or background hooks. Hopefully the more engaged with and invested in the city everyone is. The less likely people will be to abandon the game. If a couple people have similar ideas for additions I also encourage you to work on them together.

After your character development activities are finished each additional idea for the city you submit that gets accepted could get you an additional hero point or xp if I like it.
Mr. Main
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Sat 21 Apr 2012
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Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
So Darien strikes first for this section of character creation and has made a tavern.

His favorite haunt is the Drunken Monkey, where he is a frequent player and patron. It is quite the dive, with it's dark interior, it's flirty barmaids, the overweight innkeeper with a tale of adventure from his youth, a large two handed axe over the bar, and a monkey who spends most of his time drunk.

So Darien to fully claim the xp you just need to give the tavern owner, a couple barmaids and the monkey a name and maybe write up the tavern owners tale of adventure if you feel up to it.
Darien Mistweaver
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Sat 21 Apr 2012
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Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
The Drunken Monkey

Toriendar Blackbreath, better known as Toren, Tori to his barmaids, and INNKEEPER to drunken peasants, or simply Bear is about 5'10" (all around it seems) with a full rich bear that makes him appear to be a huge dwarf. Bear speaks with a deep bass voice and in the unlikely event trouble happens has shown that the axe above the bar is not just a showpiece, and he wields it like it was a toothpick.

Andi, who refuses to give any other name, is a half Elven maid with fiery red hair and a temper to match. She hints at a noble parentage, but refuses to name names. Built lean and standing 5' in socked feet, Andi likes to flirt with those she serves, but that's all she does. Any touching leads to all sorts of accidents involving heavy mugs, hot soup, or a hard step to a tender part.

Bess Hammertongue on the other hand is a dour Dwarven maid who prefers low cut blouses to show off her considerable assets. She can drink several men under the table, one at a time, and has before. She's loud, boisterous, and can swear like a sailor, which endears her to the Dwarven regulars. She claims to have an axe under her skirt, and no one has yet called her out on it.

Felece Whitehand is human, almost a waif, who has been at the Drunken Monkey since she was a babe. Rumor puts her as Toriendar's daughter even though they look nothing like. However everyone who has ever made eyes at Felece knows that Bear may, at any moment, suddenly loom over the offender, ham-like fists clenched and teeth bared in a snarl, to defend his girl. Felece has an unusual demeanor and while she will smile and give soft whispers of subtle encouragement to those around her, she has the scent of magic about her. Rumors range from sorcery to necromancy, and no one has discovered it yet.

Cylithrea Goldenhair is another half elf, with hair the color of spun gold and piercing blue eyes. Originally trained as a cleric of Allora (goddess of love, light, music and beauty), she still has a connection to the goddess and does minor healings at times. She is a horrible flirt and is not ashamed to express her goddesses unbridled love and affection. She has also shown minor mage abilities, mostly cantrips.

Korimeer is the drunken monkey. It's supposed that he is actually Cylithrea's familiar as the monkey stays by her and listens to her above anyone else.  Wearing a little magic vest with deeppockets on it, the monkey is forever putting things in and pulling out things that shouldnot fit in there. The monkey can be a mean drunk, and has uncanny aim with peanuts. He also has a fondness for sweets and will show you where you can put that banana...

Skullsplitter is the axe above the bar. Bright, shiny, and unbelievably sharp, Skullsplitter still looks every inch the weapon that Bear talks about. Anyone seeing the finely honed edge can believe the stories Bear tells of his adventurer days. Surprisingly, no one has ever stolen the weapon. It is said that the weapon is bonded to Bear, and that it will defend itself...
Mr. Main
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Sun 22 Apr 2012
at 15:53
Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
Good stuff Darien a little more than I expected so I gave you a bit more of a bonus. basically with this part I'm basically just looking for a rough outline of a spot with some names for NPCs. example would be say an Apothecary run by an Alchemist. Give it a little flavor, like one trait that makes it unique and a couple names for npcs and boom you get your xp. If you go all out like Darien did with his spot. not just names, but backgrounds, attitudes and maybe even a little reoccurring trouble they have to deal with, for example maybe the alchemist I mentioned earlier loves cats despite being allergic to them. He has them around all the time, sometimes causing him to sneeze while mixing his potions, medicines, ect. And you can get extra xp, a bonus starting hero point or extra starting gold.
Mr. Main
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Sun 22 Apr 2012
at 16:30
Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
Oh also a little side not I like to keep most of the pcs, particularly supoprtive ones like inn keepers, barmaids, street urchins, ect on the lower level and low power just to avoid the whole Fearun thing where everyone is secretly at least a 4th lvl badass.
William de Soulis
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Sun 22 Apr 2012
at 21:07
Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
The magic box: there are many places a person can go to purchase spell casting services of some kind. And it is often that many mages whom use to adventure settle down for the quiet life of watching all the young ones run about and do the old motions with a all new generation. Master Takahashi is once such mage that has taken up such a life.

Master Takahashi owns a small out of the way shop called the magic box. Some how he managed to get some foreign design of a building up in the matter of one night. No small measure of magic went into the production of his home/place of business but it still stands as a odd sore thumb in a city of toes.

Master Takahashi is a mage who provides casting services for anyone willing to pay the gold for it. He is willing to teach.... other skills but only to any who prove worthy. As clearly everyone within the city at large are a pack of slow, poor breed, stupid, fat, undisciplined, unworthy, unmanned fools. However, You cant help the conditions of your upbringing or birth, so he does grant the immense mercy of hearing your issues that need fixing.

If he doesn't act as the voice of logic and reason in this god forsaken land, who will?
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Mon 23 Apr 2012
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Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
The Silver Tongue

A place of many faces, The Silver Tongue is a gambling hall, a tavern, an inn and much much more if you know where to look and what to ask. The establishment is a large warehouse in the Docks area, converted, rebuilt and reinforced. It has several floors above "ground level" (and rumors say that there is at least one under-dock way to access the place).

The first floor is one large area with many tables, booths and 3 bars (1 on each wall other than one with the entrance). Beers, wines and spirits of all kinds can be had here, though like most taverns what's on tap gets ordered most often. Games of all kinds can be had here, dice, cards and more! There are rumors of more exotic games not for those on the ground level, but those are just rumors right?

The decor of the place is subtle and kept that way on purpose. They want people to come in to drink and gamble, not to look at art on the walls or see that the sun is up and they should be home. So it is dimly lit for the most part, but not so much as to cause patrons to not see where they are going. The front entrance opens into a short hallway with another pair of doors that opens into the hall itself. That usually keeps the sunlight or moonlight from entering to alarm anyone on how long they might have been there.

Security is fairly good, which might surprise some for a "simple" gambling and drinking hall. There are brawny thugs that wander the floor occasionally and several they stay stationed at key locations like the entrance and the stairs up. The head of security is a wizard named Tomas Lonec, an extremely intelligent man with keen eyes and a seemingly emotionless exterior. The proprietor of the Silver Tongue is a Half-Elf named Revard Janos. Revard is a wealthy merchant who also has a shipping business. He supposedly has a temper, a meanstreak, and a penchant for gambling and womanizing. But he is also a very shrewd businessman and strategist.

The second floor is where the inn rooms are located. High Roller gamblers are often "comped" a room while they are there and their luck holds. While not the most expensive rooms that could be found in Arcadia, they are certainly not the cheapest. They are, however, clean and quiet and fairly secure. Also, guests can secure items with Tomas for safe-keeping while they stay at the Silver Tongue, with receipt of guarantee.

What goes on up on the third floor, is the talk of many rumors saying anything from exotic games of chance, slave auctions, prostitution, or that it is simply the home of the owner and the staff.

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Tue 24 Apr 2012
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Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
The Temple of Many Mysteries

There is a school for oracles in Arcadia, where those naturally touched by the divine can study, rest, meditate, practice, socialize.  Visitors are allowed in certain sections of the temple during normal hours of the day and even in more selective locations in the evenings.  But its primary occupants are oracles of all ages and from all over who have come to learn from, meditate with, and practice under the various powerful individuals who run the temple, each of a different Divine Mystery.

The most elevated Oracle of Flame at the temple happens to be a sprightly old woman named Shaleh Azaran, who enjoys teas, clothing and hairstyles from an exotic land in which she was raised, as well as acting de facto grandmother for most of the younger oracles willing to spend time with her.  If she is the care-free, encouraging grandmother figure of the school, her counter-part is Bedros Origen, a middle aged, ever serious dwarven Oracle of Stone who actually founded the temple, raising it from the ground with his spells and the wealth from his family.  Other notable oracles include Talathel, elven Oracle of Lore, and Lini, gnome Oracle of Time.  There was a fairly powerful half-elven Oracle of Dark Tapestry by the name of Saona Hrovaka, but she and her handful of disciples were permanently expelled for particularly nefarious acts, the details of which remain little more than whispers and conjecture.

At the main entrance to the temple, there are stone pillars for each mystery represented at the school.  Each mystery's pillar is unique, with various materials and objects linked to the particular mystery worked into the stone.  Furthermore, each pillar is a different height depending on its prominence at the temple, measured by the acts of its members.

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Wed 25 Apr 2012
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Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
Mercenary group- Black swords

This group of mercenaries are fairly recognizable. Made up of half orcs, they have varied in numbers over the years, as many as 40, but they have dropped in numbers too, after particularly bloody confrontations.

Lead by the eye patch wearing Makio, they are well known for their small group tactics. Makio isn't the biggest or toughest in the group, but he is a shrewd leader. Picking warriors who are dependable and willing to work as a group, he's always willing to take on recruits that are young and learning.

Black Swords mercs are armed and armored in similar gear. Scale mail, large rectangular shields, and long swords. The black armor, and shields are quite striking.
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Wed 9 May 2012
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Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
Fortune Teller Group- The Blackfrost Seers

 The Origin of the Blackfrost Seers is a bit of a mystery. They just showed up one day out of the blue roughly 50 years ago. The Seers consist of 5 pale skinned elven women and their home is little more than a large tent. However, the inside of the tent is always cold, to the point that everything within is covered in a thin layer of frost.

 Each wears a necklace with a black shard of ice in the center and a small shard of the very same is set into the table where they do their divinations. They do not speak of their past, but their divinations are eerily accurate.
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Sat 2 Jun 2012
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Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative

A good shouting distance away from The Drunken Monkey, and at the very end of the thoroughfare, sits an ancient oak tree of mountainous proportion and abundant shade. It is surrounded by a park-like setting of soft grass, flower gardens, public benches, and bubbling fountains. It is not your average, ordinary, run of the mill tree. No. This monolithic anomaly houses one of the city’s finest libraries, with a collection as ancient as the rings that cut through the cross section of its massive trunk.

Hanging above the gaping knothole entryway is a sign that simply reads, “Hewitt’s Haven”. A spiral staircase leads one down below the tangle of roots into the many lamp-lit caverns and crooks and crannies full of shelves after shelves after shelves of recorded knowledge, various tales of fiction, and whatever the mind might fathom. Among the scrolls, tomes, maps, hand-bound journals and the like, lies a collection of artifacts—an adventurer’s gallery—and beyond that are passageways and rooms of countless mystery and surprises.

The proprietor, Hewitt Tometapster, is a cheerful, elderly gnome-fellow with an insatiable thirst for knowledge; he is a keeper of secrets. Hewitt also enjoys storytelling, poetry, music, and good mead. His favored brew is known to be that which is paid for by someone other than himself, and most townsfolk are happy to oblige.
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Fri 14 Jun 2013
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Re: City creation: OOC/ cooperative
Wasp Nest-

Hidden within the heart of the city through a magic barrier, only those that know where to look and how to look would have any idea it was there. Getting in on the other hand is a completely different challenge.

The wasp nest is a place for the the dealings of the most unsavory kind. Need to get your fix? You go to the Wasp Nest. Need someone to dissapear? You go to the Wasp Nest. Need magic of the darkest sort performed? You go to the Wasp Nest. Looking to blackmail your way to the upper echelons of society? Want to buy off your local politician? Need a place to pray to your dark lord? Looking to sell your soul? You get the idea.

Only those that have been in before know anything about whats inside. Anyone who spreads its name won't be spreading rumors for long. Some say it is the place where the real decisions for the city are made, others say its reach extends much further.

Rumors say it is run with an iron fist by a single human. He and his partners, each with their own dark specialty, have a say, and a profit in all that goes on within the Wasp Nest. But those are just rumors... and you didn't here it from me.