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Lord Dubu
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Sat 26 Nov 2011
at 01:57
PCs and NPCs
Got a great character or backstory that's just too good not to share? Want to share NPCs you've made that other GMs might find useful? This is the thread for them.
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Tue 24 Apr 2012
at 04:06
Re: PCs and NPCs
Ok, so I got this big who-ha going with a Githyanki Astral barge crashing into Sigil... 'yanki's pour out... they're hunting one of their own... and so on and so forth. So I get tother a bunch of 'stock' giths- and what happens??? We end up leaving that all alone and going elsewhere... *shrug*- typical DM problem, eh... so is anyone interested in what I put together- you're fine to do with it what you will (although I'd like to know how things go if you use them)?