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Request to Join (RTJ)
You approach and prepare to enter the Lion Inn. Even at dusk, it is easy to spot as it is brightly lit and the only Inn in the village on Shalton. When you enter, Anna the barmaid, standing by the door, quickly directs you over to a table in the back. Lord Erstwin, the third son of the noble family in the village, wearing a fine surcoat, is seated and he gestures for you take a seat. You take a seat as others arrive.  Soon the table is full and Lord Erstwin rises to his feet.

"You've been asked to come here because, uh, because each of you have the right mix of the courage and tenacity and strength to undertake this mission," Lord Erstwin begins.

"Some sort of hauntings or darkness has come over one of the iron ore mines a few days north of here. I don't know the details but this village is dependent on those mines. Your neighbors  would be devastated if there was be an extended shutdown. Some would leave, undoubtedly never to return again. This Inn," he says with a gesture in the air around, "might even close. Someone, or rather brave someones, need to investigate and drive out whatever darkness is there, before it is too late. And that someone is you."

Lord Erstwin pauses, looking at you, perhaps measuring your mettle. He then grabs his tankard of ale and raises it. "To your success!"

1) Lion Inn - the name of the Inn in which you are seated. It is the only Inn in the village Shalton
1) Shalton - the village in which you live, home of the Lion Inn
2) Cinith - the troubled iron mining village 2 days travel on foot from Shalton
3) Lord Erstwin - minor noble from village of Shalton
4) Anna - barmaid in the Lion Inn

Please apply only if you are willing and meet the following criteria:
1. 18 or older.
2. Able to post every other day.
3. Play and enjoy playing heroic, good aligned characters.
4. Be considerate and respectful of other players.
5. Fluent in English and agree to use proper grammar/spelling.

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Request to Join (RTJ)
I will be taking applications. Please click the Request to Join and answer the specified questions. Thanks!