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Sat 17 Mar 2012
at 15:55
This is a dungeon crawl focused game using 3.5 rules. However, it starts at 0th level. We will be using a variation of the rules presented in DCC 35. Basically this is as follows:

Characters start in an NPC class, at -1000 XP.

When they reach 0 XP they may choose a PC class.

This NPC class never counts against them for multiclassing penalty or other purposes.

Basically it's a way to allow for a few extra skill points, abilities, and/or backgrounds as the characters develop from mere villagers to proper adventurers.

In addition to the basic NPC classes in the DMG (Adept, Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, Warrior), I am allowing the following variations from the DCC line:

Apprentice: An Int based Adept. (Wizard in training)

Medium: A Cha based Adept. (Sorcerer to be)

Guard [From DCC 51] (Warriors with more defensive skill and weapon selection)

Anything else from the core DCC 3.5 products  I might have missed.

We will be using all core non-campaign specific WOTC materials, plus all the DCC related materials.

In your request to join, I'll need:
Your character name.

Your preferred class (This may depend on die rolls).

Your estimated posting rate in posts per week.

A brief summary (A couple sentences) of the basic information in this RTJ to show you've read it. Not a cut and paste please.

A statement indicating that you understand that dungeon crawls are high risk ventures and you have no qualms about characters dying, rolls being unfair, loot being unfair, or life being unfair.

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Sat 24 Mar 2012
at 15:45
Hoping to make this a post a day game, thereabouts. Sometimes more, sometimes I may miss a day. Unless I get a lot of people who can post multiple times a day. Then I'll post faster, but I may still miss a day from time to time.
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Wed 23 May 2012
at 21:13
Recruitment Status:


We had a great many very good applications and it was genuinely hard to sort out which ones made it. If you haven't received notification from me, know that I'm sorry I can't reply to each one individually due to time constraints, but I very much appreciate the interest in this game. I've placed those of you who almost made it in a holding queue to contact first in the event any of the new batch bugs out within the first week (As is so often the case, sigh).

Again, thank you for your interest.

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