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Thu 15 Aug 2013
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Ship's Locker
This thread is not for discussion (keep that to IC or OOC) but to list your gear. Following is the Empress Victoria's basic locker:

9x TLA Vacc Suits w/6 hr. air supply. 6kg, 20km radio range
1x TL9 Long Range Communicator
1x TL7 Medical Kit
1x TL5 Mechanical Tool Kit
1x TL7 Electronics Tool Kit
2x TL9 Inertial Locators
6x TL7 Electric Torches
2x TL7 Electric Lampa

Weapons Locker:

3x semi-auto 18mm (12 ga.) shotguns,
2x 6mm carbines
1x 7mm rifle
1x 7mm auto-rifle
9x 9mm (.357 Magnum) revolvers

Ammo Locker:

79x shotgun shells (00 Buckshot)
13x 20-shot 6mm mags (Carbine)
11x 20-shot 7mm mags (Rifle/Auto-Rifle)
200 9mm Magnum rounds (Revolver)

Slings and ammo bandoliers (with shotgun shell loops, 6x 6mm pouches or 4x 7mm pouches, depending on the weapon). Revolver holsters and speed-loaders.

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Ken Jenkins
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Mon 9 Sep 2013
at 02:13
Re: Ship's Locker
9x breather masks,
9x cold weather clothing,
9x swimming gear (SCUBA gear and artificial gills),
9x short range communicators

10x Medical slow drugs
10x Fast drugs

TLA Medical kit that is more portable.

9x Cloth Armor

2x sets of PRIS binoculars,
2x LI/IR goggles

9x Personal survival kits for each person (like what you'd give to a military pilot)

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Neva Alexovna Morozova
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Sat 20 Sep 2014
at 04:42
Re: Ship's Locker
Neva's Emergency Gear:

Sniper rifle (bipod, suppressor, electronic sights); 10x magazines
Laser Rifle
Auto Pistol with suppressor, light, LTS; 10x mags.
Body Pistol with suppressor, light, LTS; 10x mags.
SMG with suppressor; 10x mags.
Shotgun; 50 rounds.

Case (10) Tranq Gas
Case (10) Smoke Canisters

Combined Night Vision/Thermal Imaging goggles.

Filter Mask
Combat Armour
Concealable Flak Vest
Handcuffs x2
Shotgun Microphone
Video Recorder
Lockpick Set
Disguise Kit
Continental Range Communicator, TL12
60x days dehydrated rations (12kg)

Cr50,000 in Imperial currency
Documents in different names.
Jaxxon Zalvedes
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Sat 20 Sep 2014
at 04:42
Re: Ship's Locker
2 cases fragmentation grenades (20)

(On the Empress Victoria)

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Hanno Sakawa
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Mon 26 Jan 2015
at 13:43
Re: Ship's Locker
Added to your available gear are 6x sets of IR/TI goggles.

These are non-military issue and may not be used for aimed shots (-2 to hit, all shots are considered "snap shots").
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Fri 25 Nov 2016
at 21:33
Re: Ship's Locker

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Mon 15 Jan 2018
at 08:23
Re: Ship's Locker
Additional Gear Purchased:

4 Shotguns +4 reloads
4 Revolvers +4 reloads.
2 Laser Rifles.

2 10kg Cases Plastique (plastic explosives).
1 Demolitions kit (timed and remote fuses).

1 Case grenades, Fragmentation.
2 Cases grenades, Smoke (var. colours).
1 Case grenades, Tear Gas