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Travelling back to the complex was an arduous task. The broken ground and destroyed buildings made dragging the litter impossible in some areas; often three of you were forced to carry it for long distances. Thomas was jostled quite often but he never seemed to stir. During the trip you heard howls and strange chittering but nothing seemed to come near you on your journey. As you neared the covered stairway it was clear that something had been feasting on the undead corpses that you had drug outside. Whatever it was is gone now and left little trail if any behind.

The travois was harder to take down the stairwell but you managed it with little harm coming to the wizard. You set up the cots in the small armory just south of the small chapel. Ristan looked appalled  at some of the furnishings but preferred this location to the basement. A few days were spent tidying up the area through the repeated use of prestidigitation and good old elbow grease. In that time Thomas had come around and was able to sit up and speak.

At the end of the last day of cleaning Ristan gathered you all to talk about next steps. "Thomas and I have been talking and we think our next steps may have presented themselves months ago." Ristan gave Thomas the floor. The older man spoke softly and somehow sounded older than he had only a week ago "Maybe nine months ago the building Ristan and I shared was broken into and some of our equipment and supplies were stolen. The guard was involved and spent a fair amount of time investigating but nothing ever came of it. The supplies taken weren't significant to us at the time; but they are worlds more than we have today." Thomas looked at each of you in turn before continuing "What was more distressing was that the shop was burgled in broad daylight and very little was disturbed. It also took place when both Ristan and I were not present." Ristan stepped back into the conversation "We now believe that we engineered this heist and that the four of you carried it out. The intent being to retrieve the supplies we need to continue our work and allow for more forays into the past." Thomas nodded "We have the means to send you back one more time. We need you to locate our laboratory and retrieve our supplies."
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Ylea had used the days the group had used to settle in the dungeons to, quite aptly, settle her own feelings regarding Dahlia's disappearance, having been unusually silent during that time. However, once Rilian and Thomas mentioned their idea for the heist in the past, she smiled and said:

"Well, I think that's right up my alley."

Then she paused and asked, more serious:

"However, there is a thing I want to ask of you now, before we move on further with following your plans. You're sending us back into the past to commit a burglary that has already happened; I can see that's predicated on the assumption we'll succeed at it, since we have done it already. But, if we've already made the journey and succeeded at it, wouldn't that mean that we've also already made the journey to the past to stop this disaster, and failed, since it still happened? I can entertain theories and fain myself an open-minded person, but I'm not the one who devised the magic and know the rules behind it here - you are. I just want to make sure that this won't turn out to be just an exercise in futility, and I'd like you to give me some explanations. you know, for my peace of mind."

The elven girl paused, clearly trying to see if the wizards had any answer to her doubts.
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Thomas addresses Ylea's question "We don't even know that it was you. These are only guesses and speculation. We also have no idea of the broader implications of what might happen should we undertake this. I believe we can all agree we can't make things worse than they are now."